Re-Order Shipping?

@soylent My reorder was placed on the 3rd of November using the same email address ( the account attached to this account). I figured its closing in on 3 weeks and I ran out of Soylent last week, so I would check and see how things are going.

Thank you

@Soylent, same here

Re-ordered using the same email address on the 8th of Nov (a 2week subscription) and still nothing.

My re-order took 11 days to ship, just to give people a data point.

11 days to ship or arrive?

I honestly don’t really care how long it takes to get here. It would just be nice to have a consistent length of time between ordering and shipping. If it takes 10 days, I’ll order it 10 days before I need more. If its 50 days, I’ll place my order 50 days before I need more.

11 days to ship. It hasn’t arrived yet.

We realize that the reorder rate isn’t ideal right now. We’re working toward something a little more consistent while we fulfill the backlog of orders. Thanks for your support.

@stewarbd Our apologies for the late delivery of your reorder. It will ship in 2-3 business days. Expect a tracking number via email within that timeframe.

@101010 Your email is considered priority – your subscription will start shipping in 2-3 business days.

@mathew Tracking number shows arrival. Hopefully you’re all set. Thanks!

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Yup, my box of Soylent 1.2 arrived today!


It does suck the growing pains are this disruptive, but the fact that customer service is very responsive and helpful is a nice stop-gap.

Thank you

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@soylent, I re-ordered on October 27th, still haven’t received a shipping notification.

@ctornqvi Sorry about the delay – your email address is now marked as priority. Your Soylent will ship in 2-3 days – tracking email to follow soon. Thanks!