Re-order/subcribe process?


Just got my official tracking number and confirmed delivery of today…:slight_smile:

How do I subscribe to regular re-orders?

Been going through other channels for my soylent, but now that I’m getting my first real official order, I want to ensure a steady regular supply…

Yes, based on product availability of course…

What is the process? Anyone have a link to info or to signup etc etc?




Ordering is pretty simple.
Go here:

Select what you want, and when you checkout, make sure to use the same email address you used for your first order - that’s how they know it’s a re-order.

Your confirmation email will have a link to set up your “customer portal account”, which is how you’ll be able to change shipping/billing address, cancel subscriptions, etc.

The only weird thing is that when you look at your portal, at the bottom is a section called “Timeline” that will tell you that you order will ship in 10-12 weeks. Don’t worry, it says that for everyone. As long as you used the right email address, you will get your subscription in 1-2 weeks.


Nice, thanks! Is that link to the portal only on re-orders? I don’t remember seeing it on my initial backer order on May 30th of this year…


The FAQ says that “Soylent accounts are currently available only for customers that have placed subscription orders.” FAQ

So if your first order was a one-time order, I don’t think it would have a link.


Yep it was a one time order to test the waters…


Just want to say that @toothpanda answered all of this exactly as we would have :smile:

Enjoy your subscription, @muggle!


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@Soylent I got my first order of Soylent of 14 days. I went to the website to order a re-order. I placed it as an 14 Bags, subscription for $130. When I put in all the information, it created it as a separate subscription. Are they all in the same, or should I order it in a different way? I don’t want to run out of Soylent before my next order.

Also, how can I increase my 14 day subscription to a 30 day subscription?


You did it right. If you used the same email, it will be treated as a reorder.

The only way to edit your subscription unfortunately is to cancel and start a new one.


So what if next time, I put in a re-order for a 30 day subscription? Would that just give me a one-time supply for 30 days? Even though I am on the 14 day subscription?


A subscription will ship every month. The one time orders are separate. If you’re currently on a 2 week subscription, and you add a 4 week subscription, you’ll be getting 6 weeks of Soylent every month (28 days). If you add the 4 week subscription, and cancel the 2 week subscription, you’ll get 4 weeks every month.

One time orders don’t affect your monthly subscription.


It would be really nice if the order form told you that using the same email address was sufficient (and necessary!) to get the 1-2 week ship time instead of the 5 months. I fished around here on the forum and found this answer, but I might not have found it. If I was more on the fence about making a reorder, I might have given up. Being unable to tell whether I would get a timely shipment or not is a huge deterrent.


Great suggestion @BartGlugger, the subscription and one-time checkout pages have been updated to make this more clear.


@Soylent maybe I’m missing something here - I ordered a two week supply to start on the one time order using paypal- Now I got my stuff and I don’t want to run out. Even though the subscription page says no record found, you’ll get my order to me in 2 weeks, right? I really don’t want to get stuck eating junk food for months because I didnt subscribe right from the start…


If you use the same email as your original order, yes. Your order will be recognized ás a reorder and be given reorder priority. You don’t have to have a subscription for the priority.

The “no record found” refers to your not having a registered account with a login. It doesn’t affect whether you are considered a repeat customer or not


@tigglebitties Your subscription order is confirmed as a re-order and will ship within 2 weeks. An email was just sent to you with directions on how to login to your account.

A note about our current subscription shipping process:

Your Soylent subscription delivery will ship no more than 2 weeks from the date your subscription was renewed.

Our subscription shipping process is far from ideal currently, but we are actively working on improving the backend and in the next 4-5 weeks we will achieve invoice/shipping parity – ie, your subscription shipment will be made on the same day as your renewal charge.

For the time being, due to software constraints, this is the process for subscription fulfillment:

  1. Customer charged for subscription renewal.
  2. Soylent ships in 1-2 weeks (like one-time reorders)
  3. Customer is charged again 4 weeks after previous renewal
  4. Soylent ships in 1-2 weeks
  5. etc.

Again, the above process is only in place for the next month or so, at which time we will have completed the necessary software to be able to ship subscription orders the same day as charging for creation/renewal.

Monthly Subscription Not Shipping Frequently enough

@Soylent Hi. I think when my subscription was changed from 2 - 2 week subscription it was changed to two monthly subscription. Would it be possible for there to be only one month subscription.


@andrewcool Your account is set to one 28 bag/month subscription – the other subscription has been deactivated. You can verify this in the manage portal. Thanks!


Might cancel my Soylent order, Been using Spacefood with success, not sure I want to continue to wait for an indefinite period for the first order. I guess the worst part is no communication since the orders were placed. Not even “are you still there?”