(Re)Ordering Soylent without the oil


When I ordered my first two week trial of Soylent I had the option to order without the oil, which did reduce the price a bit. When I reordered I forgot about ordering without oil and so it was shipped with oil. Now I would like to subscribe to a recurring monthly order, but can’t find any option to not get the oil. Has this option been removed?


The oil is now vegan, and so the vegan option has been removed. If you do not wish to use the oil, simply do not use it. Not ordering the oil in 1.1 and earlier did not lower the price, anyway.


The order without oil was for vegans who didn’t want the fish oil. Since Soylent 1.2 stopped using fish oil in favor of algae oil all Soylent is now vegan and they removed the option to order without oil.