Reaction to drinking Soylent for the first time (with video!)


Yesterday, I received my two months of Soylent. I was really excited to try it for the first time, so I wanted to record my reaction to share.


Haven’t seen you drink it yet but already… not enough water IMO…

Oh no you didn’t really drink that all in one chug… sigh yes you did… ouch.

How did you feel maybe a half hour later or so?


Yeah just a hint: drink slowly, add more water and in general the stomach pain and issues will go away, when you don’t jug it down!


Yes, silty is how I would describe Soylent’s texture.


Very informative and matter-of-fact / honest video!

I also like that you nailed (I think) the true intended use of the product … I suspect most people, myself included, do not plan to replace all our meals with the stuff. My intention is, as you indicate, to use it when I don’t feel like cooking or going out. I my case, that might be 2/3 of the time.

Still waiting for mine, but I didn’t order until after I read the New Yorker Piece in early May, so I’ve got a little more waiting left. I only ordered one week, and not on a subscription. I will probably order a 2nd week or perhaps a month supply before my Soylent arrives, just so I don’t have to wait forever.

One big question I have: When you mix the stuff and refrigerate it overnight before drinking it, does it settle at all? You didn’t mention anything in the video about having to shake it or anything before pouring out a glass.


@vanclute Yeah, I added the entire pouch and then filled the bottle with water. After shaking, there was a decent amount of room left for more water, but I assumed that I wasn’t supposed to add more. I had another glass just now after adding a bit more, and it was definitely a bit better. After chugging it, I actually didn’t feel ill or anything! I think the video might be making the size of the glass appear a bit larger than what it really is. But yeah, no stomach pains or anything.

@stp Thankfully, I didn’t feel bad after chugging it. However, it’s not something I plan on doing often :stuck_out_tongue:

@ZombieSymmetry Drats! I knew I forgot to mention something! And yeah, after a night in the fridge, the oil separated to the top. Nothing 30 seconds of shaking couldn’t fix though!