Reactions from the non-Soylent Consumers (everyone else) in your life


I wanted to see what everyone’s social experiences have been like while consuming Soylent. I consume Soylent when I am not at social gatherings. This has been my experience so far. I have found them reactions to be polarizing.

People over 35

Pretty much anyone over the age of 45 laughs at me and calls me a crazy person then proceeds to tell me how much they enjoyed their solid chimichanga or steak last night. We both have a laugh about the Soylent Green joke and I tell them I wish it was made of people because I hate most people :smiley: I have explained I like the full nutrition factor of it and the conversations usually tapper off at around that point. One person said I need to chew things or my teeth will fall out (hahaha what?!).

People under 35

Most people around my age (26) seem pretty interested. I have actually gotten quite a few people to place an order based off my experiences I have shared. A few people have asked me if have lost weight while others are into the nutrition and convenience of it. It seems to be like they are more interested in the nutrition and convenience side.


I know a few people that refer to them selves as foodies. People who like to cook, watch Food Network a lot, go to every restaurant and town and write a long review on yelp for it. These people have told me to “F$@# Off” and that I am an idiot. Fair enough haha.

My Significant Other

They are pretty indifferent about it. Sometimes they get annoyed when they want to go for a spontaneous dinner after I just have a tall glass of Soylent. That situation has probably been the biggest inconvenience of the whole experience so far.

Everyone asks me if I miss food which I say a little but I just savor a normal meal all the more.


I was just going to make a post about this! Hello, brain-share.

Most people – co-workers and friends – have been curious. They ask me a lot of questions (What’s it taste like? How do you feel? Are you hungry? Do you eat anything? Do you miss chewing? What are your poops like?); some of them ask to take a sip. A few are interested in ordering some and giving it a try but most people express that they like food too much to ever replace it with a nutritional drink. That usually leads to a conversation about convenience and how it doesn’t have to replace all meals – just the routine maintenance situations like being in a rush or staying late at work. Mostly, the face-to-face people in my life have been supportive and curious (although my mother is worried about my teeth).

Where I have been meeting the most resistance is on Facebook with casual friends I do not see very often. I have been periodically updating about my Soylent experiences and it’s always met with a loud chorus of YOU ARE GOING TO KILL YOURSELF OMG EAT SOME FOOD ARE YOU CRAZY. I’ve been surprised about how emotional some people get about another person’s choices. I mean, I shouldn’t be – I’ve been on the internet long enough to know that people gots them some OPINIONS but it still makes me laugh a little bit.


Ha I am also surprised how emotional people have gotten that are not a fan of it. Especially when I am not pressing it on them and just telling them about something interesting I am doing.

I also find it funny that people will present every possible thing they see wrong with the Soylent situation they can think of without acknowledging one unhealthy part of the average American diet. Surprised you are also hearing concern about your teeth!


I’m never the one to bring it up, but a few times the conversation led to me having to talking about it.

“Hey I ordered pizza bro, you want some?”

“No I can’t, thanks”

“What do you mean you can’t”

"Wh…um. I’m full.

“You’ve been here since yesterday and there’s no food in my fridge. You didn’t eat.”

“I made a shake. I’m full, but thanks.”

“You… made a shake. And you’re ‘full’. BS.”

“670 calories, tons of fat carbs and protein, dash of fiber. I’m full.”

In this case, my friend’s only concern was enjoyment. Here I said I’ve never really enjoyed food so a double whammy (bad health, bad experience) wasn’t worth it anymore. And I might live longer to boot. He asked if I really want to live as long as I can, even if it means giving up food. So the whole dilemma of a short good life or a long monotonous one.

“Hm. I’m not a philosopher. Good question though.”


I ordered Soylent over a year ago. I’ve always had a very limited and very horrible diet. The minute I brought it up and that I had bought a week’s worth she got really pissed. I think she was mostly concerned that I would be hurting my body and didn’t know a good way of expressing her concerns besides getting pissed.

I started doing DIY immediately (a couple days shipping, etc.). After about a month I was able to actually talk to her about what it was all about and she was able to see that I was doing OK. Sometime after that she helped started helping by getting me containers to put a days worth in, etc. She finally broke down completely and actually cleared cupboard space out for me to put all my DIY ingredients. Currently, she is doing fine with my food choices.

My 3 year old daughter likes DIY soylent. She has tried Soylent V1.3 and liked my DIY better. Probably because of the chocolate flavor.

My favorite story is about my sister who is a huge “mother hen” and we love to pick on her. She was terrified I would kill myself by malnutrition. Her son came an visited us. We had him call her and he told her how horrible I looked and how nobody could survive on “shakes”. That was fun. Since then we have talked about it and she thinks it is great, for me at least.

I talked to a number of people about Soylent and DIY. Usually they are at least interested enough to ask polite questions. A couple said they would be interested in trying some. So far I haven’t made any extra sales for Rosa Labs, but that’s not my job. :slight_smile:


People are so funny… not everyone finds food to be an enjoyable part of life! LOL As if you can’t have enjoyment without it. And as if Soylent means you can’t eat whatever you feel like at any time too. Always black or white, all or nothing. smh.


That’s true, people always look at it like you’re switching religions or something. If I bought some potatoes and butter, my friend might not be so quick to say “What, that’s crazy, you can’t live on that!”.

“Well no, I didn’t plan to… I just wanted some potatoes and butter…”

And not to nitpick, but you can live on potatoes and butter!

His question had some merit though. I’d told him that ~99% of the time it’s all I drink/eat/whatever. I think I may occupy a small portion of hardcore soylenteers.


Yeah it seems like anything over about 90% is in the definite minority. But it’s an important minority since living extremely well on Soylent alone is one of the core concepts of the product, so it’s vital that some people actually do so. I actually had thought I’d be one of them when I started, but we found that after Soylent, when we did have conventional food it was mostly so much better than it had ever been before, that now we much more enjoy the times we have things outside of Soylent - since it’s mostly going out to a favorite restaurant or having some other favorite foodstuff.


Jeff, you need to work the sales pitch harder! :smile:

Did you go full Soylent / DIY?


On the thought of conventional food, did you have that with anything? For example if you ordered a pizza would that taste better? Or was it more going to places you would of felt where good before hand, have now become great.


Soylent V1.0 & V1.1 were not usable because of the gas. I just got through one week of V1.3 and that gas pretty much went away. I ordered a month and the next day V1.4 was announced. I just got it a couple hours ago. I fully intend to go 100% Soylent for nutrition but still have some snacks along the way. As long as I don’t have the horrible gas problem I will go 100% and not look back.

Just to let you know. I am sooooooooo happy you guys are showing up in the forum. My biggest problem with Rosa Labs has been the complete lack of contact. In the last couple days I’ve seen a pretty good turn around. Keep up the good work!


Share your 100% experience, we like to see those stories.

Thank you! The devs are always on these forums. The problem has always been staff time. They could get sucked into some of the scientific back and forth that goes on here.

I’m here to facilitate discussion and help get more questions answered. :smile:


We found it with basically everything. Most things tasted far better post Soylent, but not everything. One of my very early videos documented how I had one of my favorite long-time-addiction cookies, and found that it tasted terrible. Like I could taste each and every ingredient in the thing, and it just came out a horrid mess. I haven’t eaten them since.

I have found over time though, that things have kindof settled down or adjusted. It’s not nearly as extreme anymore as it was in the first few weeks of Soylent. My gal however has found that she really just plain can’t eat most of the things she used to. In some cases she just has no taste for it at all anymore, like her former morning ritual oatmeal. But other things actually give her terribly bad reactions, like nearly any frozen foods. She gets horrible moods after, and has a very hard time digesting them. So she’s basically sworn off of 99% of frozen things, and certain other former-staples like sandwiches and various other stuff. She just doesn’t feel good eating them anymore. And there are a lot of places we used to dine out, that we don’t anymore because she can’t handle the food anymore (too strong/hot/spicy usually, which is weird because she was always the one who craved super spicy stuff).

Myself, I can eat almost everything I used to, but my desires have changed. I’ve always had a major sweet tooth, and I still do but with one huge exception. Now, I can take or leave it. If there is some candy around and I feel like it, I’ll have some, and it’s great. But I can just as easily go without. Used to be I couldn’t walk past it without having some, and I’d get extreme cravings for sweets that I don’t anymore. Mostly, I just choose Soylent because I prefer it. It’s easier, faster, and doesn’t require me to figure out what I feel like having.

But to bring it back to the original topic, we don’t have a lot of issue with other people’s reactions to our consuming Soylent, because we work from home, have no social lives, and don’t really interact with our families of origin. But I always got so much grief from everyone around me when I was younger and had a more “normal” amount of interactions with others, that by comparison “Soylent grief” (see what I did there??!?) is mild. :wink:


I actually have the same issue with spicy foods… I used to pile jalopenos on my food, when possible and could eat salsa for a meal. Unfortunately now if I try to eat a bunch of spicy food, my intestines complain and I feel it on the way out. >.> It was a sad day when I realized that. I think it has to do with the fact that the spiciness is more concentrated relative to the rest of what’s in your gut.


Participants in this thread might find interesting this earlier thread, in which folks described similar experiences:


I eat 90%+ Soylent, but it hasn’t particularly changed my experience of conventional food one way or another. I have better discipline about junk food, thankfully (where it used to be easy to eat some chips or candy when I was hungry, now I can easily avoid being that hungry by having some Soylent). But I still like it when I have it. Nothing tastes better, or worse, it’s just that when I’m hungry I know some Soylent will satisfy me.


Most of the people who react negatively and say they won’t give up real food then mention how much they like Pizza, which tells me they are living with a crap diet and their body is in need of real nutrients and I drop it because I don’t care about other people very much anymore. Some people are interested. A lot of people seem to instantly assume it is a scam or it’s made with a chemistry set and has lots of GMO and processed foods and will kill us, Don’t care much about them either…
As for me, well, I am kinda a real foodie in that I was a Chef for over 35 years and executive Chef of 7 restaurants over my time, I have worked in plenty of high end places, have eaten and love all the luxury foods, foie gras, truffles, etc… and I am an exceptional cook, even among pros. My take is it’s a great idea, I wish I had it when I worked, because Chefs usually eat like crap and go long spells without food intake because they are way busy, this would have solved all of that.
I also find Soylent cleans my palate and I enjoy real food just as much if not even more now. Also, as I live alone and produce most all of the foods I eat, I would rather spend my Kitchen time making one great, fun, cool meal than 3 shitty ones that I rush through because of time.


This right here.

Furthermore, when most of my meals are Soylent, I can go out and have that pile of pizza without guilt, knowing my nutrients are already covered.


Yeah, I’ve found since starting Soylent that I really don’t care what i eat anymore. My body really hasn’t changed much for months now (though I don’t bother weighing myself since that’s a useless metric anyway) and I too am very happy in the knowledge that my base nutrition is totally covered. Gives me great peace of mind! :slight_smile:


Most people like it. My mom was concerned that I was turning away from food, and wouldn’t eat with her on holidays or when going out to a restaurant, or when she made a nice meal. But when I told her I wasn’t swearing off food, she was hesitantly supportive.

My grandfather doesn’t eat much food, instead just snacking on crackers and cookies all day. He goes out to eat steak twice a week. When I told him I ate mostly Soylent, he said “Yeah, I was thinking of just surviving on drinks.” He was only skeptical of the price. Apparently, $3 a meal is too much. I think he’s remembering the 70s.

My roommates were initially like “oh, it’s just another weird thing he does. He doesn’t eat food.” and there was a bit of concern (also waved away by showing them I’ll still eat real food). But it’s been a few months now, and one of them is thinking of starting Soylent himself. The ease of preparation, and the promise of a healthy meal at a low price is very appealing.