Read Soylent Now I have questions


I’ve read probably read over 20 articles on Soylent, saved seven or eight of other peoples recipies and I’ve started forming my own. I do have a question, would it be possible/safe to replace some of the nutrients(or are they macronutrients) with Centrum? I know I’ve checked a few of the daily proportions and they seem ok, I know the Iron is 18mg, any comments/concerns would be wonderful!


If nobody’s done it you’ll have to do the research yourself.


I have definitely seen Centrum mentioned, and this @nwthomas seems to have tried it in the past. He may have some advice for you.

There is also this thread:


The human body is pretty resillient. Give it a shot. Only when you go for several weeks on the same recipe, you have to be sure its perfectly balanced. But normally you will change your recipe severall times, and you probably will eat some traditionally food as well.

And Centrum is a fine brand of multi-vits.


Instead of centrum, I would recommend Alive! Men’s Energy Multivitamin/Multimineral. It’s a tad more complete than centrum. Plus it doesn’t include iron (which I think is a benefit).


This one’s definitely worth a look:
I’ve found it to be bang on with what I need since it covers so much.


Replacing some of the nutrients with a multivitamin is safe, and a standard practice. Centrum specifically is OK, but not the best multivitamin for the job, because it doesn’t have 100% of everything that it should. These days I usually recommend the Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women (OK for men too), or the Spectrum Rainbow Light Multi.


Thanks everyone, I found something interesting, I’ll be making a new post soon with my own formula. It may need some tweaking though.