Ready for my own Mixture - or am I?


Hi there!

Like some others I’m trying to mix my own formula. Because it was quite difficult to find all the micros as single powders or components (here in germany it seems even more difficult), I thought I could use a kind of multivitamin and add everything that is missing.
But because I’m very new to this and don’t want to make a serious mistake, I would be very, very glad if someone with more expierence could look at my mixture.

As basis I’m using:

  • Pure Maltodextrin
  • Iso Whey
    and Olive Oil (maybe I mix with other oils, not sure at the moment)

Then I foud this as a basis for vitamins and minerals:
Natures Way - Alive / Women Max
When I looked it over, it had many of the stuff I needed, even if it looks overdosed, but I think it’s not dangerous (if it would be, they wouldn’t sell it, I guess).

So whats missing to complete the Natures’ Way Multivitamin for a Soylent Mix is:

  • Magnesium 200 mg
  • Potassium (strangly the official german recommendation is 2g, not 3.5)
  • Fibers 5g
  • Vitamin B6 2mg
  • Calcium 600 mg
  • Omega 3 750mg
  • Ginseng 50mg
  • Ginko Bilboa 100mg
  • Vanadium 100 mg
  • Alpha Karotin 140mg

I have no problem to find the ressources - except for potassium. The products with the highest dose I found were 99mg getting me 0.09g - any ideas or ressources where to get a higher dosed potassium?

So I really hope I did this right, and I would be so thankful if someone with more experience than me could look it over :smile:
Count Ragus


Okay, maybe I asked for too much, or you gals and guys really love your secrets :wink:

I worked through my numbers again yesterday and figured it out by now. I forgot the micros in the Whey (it has Sodium, Magnesium and Calcium too), and searched for about a couple of hours for a store that has all missing ingredients as powders.
It is not hard to find - in the U.S.

But shipping is so expensive to europe/germany and some of them don’t even ship to my location. So I’m looking for other sources today. Maybe I can find something in the UK - or someone could lend me a helping hand and has information were I can get supplies that are not shipping from the U.S.

The biggest problem for me is the Potassium Gluconate Powder - even from NOW it’s not available here in germany. The only Potassium Products I found were very low in their dose - from 30mg to 99mg max (should I really throw in 30 tabs per day? In my opinion far too expensive).

My only hope to get this stuff for a reasonable price is, if the pharmacies are selling powders - or If anyone of you knows some other source for supplies in europe. I would be very thankful.

Ragus / Count


from germany as well

Potassium 500mg capsule:

Potassium Now Foods Powder: (UK)

also take a look at the following shops:

the whey iso for example is half the price of your source


Thanks so much for the link to the potassium. I really don’t know why I couldn’t find it on amazon, or it didn’t show there, except for the caps. But maybe I was temporarily blind :smile:

For the Whey and Maltodextrin I found a source with reasonable prices on - they seem to have a german location as well (and also in the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Ireland). I didn’t pay shipping (because my order was above 60€) and the Protein was 15.49€ per kg, the Maltodextrin was around 3.40€ per kg.

I think this prices are quite good, and the quality seems to be okay too.


also from germany.

where did you get the Monosodium Phosphate (Natriumdihydrogenphosphat)?
I can’t find a source that will deliver food grade monosodium phosphate, aka E339, in usable quantities.

Merks millipore has some, but with no price indicaion
Omikron has some, but in 25K package.
AppliChem, ChemLab and Köhler all have some, but nothing marked as food graded, though some are marked “reinst”.

I’m not quite ready to ingest something not clearly labeled as ‘kinda food’.

Any idea?


Hallo! Da du auch aus Deutschland kommst, schreib ich mal auf deutsch, geht schneller :wink:

Also ich hatte auch das Problem Monosodium Phosphate zu finden, habe dann aber mal eine Bekannte gefragt, die im Ernährungsbereich arbeitet. Bei normaler Ernährung einen Mangel an Monosodium Phosphate zu bekommen ist extrem selten, weil es (in sehr geringen Mengen) in vielen Lebensmitteln und auch in Leitungswasser und Mineralwasser vorkommt. Körner sind wohl ein sehr guter Lieferant.
Da ich für mein Rezept geschrotetes Korn und Leinsamen, Isolate Whey und ein Multivitamin mit pflanzlichen Zusatzstoffen (Gemüse, Pilz und Obst Extrakte, Algenpulver etc.) inkl. Wasser benutze, gehe ich einfach davon aus dass ich das abgedeckt habe.
Um ganz sicher zu gehen mache ich auch nen Bluttest, und teste meine Soylent-Mischung erstmal einen Monat.

Falls sich dann rausstellt dass ich davon etwas zugeben müsste, werde ich mal sehen woher ich das bekomme, aber genau wie du habe ich keinen direkten Anbieter gefunden, der auch nach Deutschland liefert, tut mir leid :frowning:

#7 (US) scheinen in fast jedes Land der Welt zu liefern, inklusive Deutschland.
Die haben auch fast alles - nur Monosodium Phosphate natürlich nicht.
Falls du dich nach dem Monat entscheidest, länger zu machen, kannste größere Mengen auch bei (US) bestellen.

Bei beiden sind natürlich Versandskosten zu beachten.

Übrigens, falls du Rob’s Empfehlung folgst und auf Hafer (Oats) umstellst, da ist auch ne Menge Phosphor drin.


You could find Monosodium Phosphate in Europe, here:


Danke Ben :slight_smile:

Falls ich es länger als einen Monat mache, bzw. das für mich funktioniert, werde ich tatsächlich auf Hafer umsteigen, oder mischen, wegen dem GI.