Ready to eat distribution


I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about or experience with distribution of ready-to-eat Soylent that would supplement or replace current methods of feeding people (such as soup kitchens, breakfast programs, etc.). Preparation could be accomplished, possibly, with equipment such as that used for Icees and Slushees - or something similar. Distribution would be fast, economically and ecologically efficient … cleanup would be easier … etc.


Rob mentioned solid form Soylent in the recent AMA. Also, pre-made (liquid form) Soylent has been hinted at several times. I think it would (at least initially) come in single-serve bottles.
I am unaware of anything for Icee or Slushee machines.


(From the reddit “I am Rob AMA.”)


This would likely fit nicely in a vending machine:

(from the accidental 2.0 site leak awhile back)


I’m thinking in terms of the preparation and distribution of bulk Soylent as one would prepare a meal at a soup kitchen - in a large quantity. I’m thinking that in this type of scenario, bulk preparation and service may have some advantages over the distribution of single-serve bottles. I’m not thinking retail at all. I mentioned the Slushee machine as the type of blending/mixing machine that maybe can be used to prepare the meals rather than mixing each meal one at a time in a blender.


Yes, one of those high tech vending machines that sound like Robocop’s neck.


Might be worth PMing @Conor and see if they can swing a bulk bag order for you.


A very large bag of existing Soylent would be perfect for that. Not sure if that is feasible or not at the moment.

You could always just tear open a bunch of the single day (4 meals worth) bags and mix up a huge batch. If you ever do, make sure you take a picture of it, because I would love to see that.


No plans for bulk bags right now! But as Rob said we are always tossing around new ideas. Many companies have reached out and asked for Soylent dispensing machines for their offices.