Reasons for expiration being cut in half from 1.4 to 1.5?

I have a 1.4 version box which was produced in February of 2015 which has an expiration of February of 2017.

I just received version 1.5 which was produced in April of 2015 which expires in April of 2016.

Did ingredients change that required the expiration to change?

How do I tell which factory this was produced at, could that be a reason for the difference?

when they first made 1.4 they put 2yr experation on it, they later changed it back to 1yr


Yeah, they cut down to one year before switching to 1.5. Read Conor’s response in another thread about how they were just doing it to be extra conservative. (Not due to any ingredient changes or anything.)


Some batches of 1.4 had a 2 year expiration and some had 1 year. I received a 2 year batch after getting several 1 year batches… All of my C* batches had a 1 year expiration and all the L* batches had 2 years.

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Apologies for your search being unfruitful. Maybe your server? Besides the thread that @inquirerer linked, The expiration for the official Soylent package might be beneficial for you. Proof that multiple versions of 1.4 exist was supposedly the different expiration dates, and was cleared up in the first reply. Expiration date variation was a fourth thread started, but ignored since there were three others.

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