Received tracking # for soylent not ordered


I ordered 2 weeks worth of product early last year during the kick-starter phase. In June 2014 I signed up for the 1 month (14 bags) of soylent subscription. Last week I received tracking numbers for my original 2 week order and the starter kit.

Today I received a third tracking number for another 2 weeks worth of product. I assumed that my subscription orders would be shipped as one package and not in piecemeal. Is this third tracking number the start of my subscription service or an error? Anyone here have a similar situation?

(On this thread it was mentioned that a previous customer accidentally had two shipping labels generated for his order. I am wondering if the same duplicate tracking number error happened to me.

Thanks in advance. Looking forward to receiving my first batch.


You might want to tag @juliomiles


Hi @izo we try to ship subscriptions out as if they were re-orders. Since you are now considered a re-order customer, we want to start your subscription within 2 weeks of shipping your first order. If you’d like, we can cancel this order and move your subscription out to a future date. Please PM me to discuss more.


Thanks @MattCauble. Sent you a PM as per your instructions