Received tracking numbers for Soylent I didn't order


I ordered 8 weeks of product a few months back. I got tracking numbers for each 4-week shipment, plus the starter kit. That all arrived this week. Very happy with everything so far. However, on the same day that I received my soylent (that i did order and was expecting), I received an e-mail with tracking numbers for two NEW 4-week shipments. At first the tracking numbers registered as invalid, so I wrote it off as a technical glitch.

However, I checked again a few days later and found that the tracking numbers were in fact valid. And they were shipping to my city (not sure if there is any way to check the address). Anyways. Has any else had a similar experience? I appear to be receiving 2 extra months of soylent that I did not order.

As a side note, I did order the subscription service. But that was well after the 4/25 cutoff date. Besides, I don’t really need any more soylent at the moment. And why am I getting 8-weeks worth. I’ve emailed the support contact address, but they are probably pretty swamped at the moment.

Any thoughts?


I think the subscriptions kick in as soon as you get your first order. Even if you ordered your subscription after the cutoff date, once you get your first shipment of soylent, you are an “existing customer” not a “new customer”, and thus don’t have to wait in the 10-12 week line. Perhaps @JulioMiles can confirm?


Hi @RobMF, apologies for the confusion – @quark314 is correct in that subscriptions are activated once a backer has received their first order of Soylent, and ship out 1-2 weeks after. At this time it isn’t possible to delay subscriptions based on how much Soylent a backer has received, but I believe we can postpone your next delivery for a month, if you’d prefer.

It looks like two shipping labels were generated for your 4WK subscription shipment, but only one was actually shipped.

Thanks again for your support, please let me know if you have any further questions.


That makes sense! Thanks for the response. No need to delay shipments; I can make room in my apartment.

I’m actually glad to have a bit of a buffer in my supply. Always good to have a bit extra in storage for if I get hungry.