Receiving bottles instead of pouches?

Has anyone else with a subscription for powdered Soylent received bottles instead?

A friend who has a subscription for pouches received a shipment of half bottles and half pouches last month. His December shipment notification email said that he’d be getting his usual order of pouches. He contacted Soylent and they told him to keep the bottles and then they sent him the rest of his pouches.

His January shipment notification email said that he’d be getting his usual order of pouches, but today he received a shipment that was entirely bottles. He doesn’t care for the bottled version, so he is not pleased. Sending the wrong type of Soylent for half of a customer’s order is just a slip up, but following that the next month with an order that is completely incorrect means there’s a continuing problem in their shipping department.

My orders have been correct (my subscription is also for powdered), but I live in another area of the country (he’s in AZ), which may have something to do with it. I’m a backer and introduced this friend to Soylent, so I feel badly that he can’t get what he ordered.


You can use the contact page or email for customer service.

Or, you can PM @Conor if you run into a wall and he might be able to help.

Thank you, but my friend contacted Soylent right away about his order as he did last month. Back in December they told him they sent the bottles as part of a promotion program, but did not explain why half his order was missing. I searched for news of such a promotion then but did not find any. As they sent him all bottles and no pouches this month, I rather suspect that he did not get a straight answer from them.

As I wrote, I posted to find out if other people have been having the same problem.

Bottles are more expensive, so he should check his bill carefully.

I subscribe to powder and bottles in different monthly shipments and haven’t gotten any funny shipments!

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It certainly isn’t a widespread phenomenon that I have heard of, but obviously if it happened once it could have happened again. Hopefully they will get it corrected!

Good point, Geneven, thanks. I’m wondering if it just has to do with shipments to the Southwest (he’s in AZ).

Inquirerer, I could see one time as fluke, but this happened to my friend last month and then again this month.

True, I just meant that I hadn’t heard that specific problem by others. but it very well could have happened. Like I said; I hope they get it corrected for them.

I know customer service is usually very good about replacements and things for mistaken orders.

Inquirerer, I wasn’t clear, I meant that you were right about it happening again. Also, my experience with Soylent customer service has been the same as yours regarding replacements (I received a bag that hadn’t been sealed and they quickly sent me a new one), and I reassured my friend of this. He did get replacements quickly last month and I’m sure he will this month, but he isn’t happy that they didn’t address the cause of this problem since the last time.

My last shipment (shipped on Dec 28th 2015) turned up as 48 bottles of liquid, instead of my usual 28 pouches of powder. (Note that both are 4 boxes.) It was my fourth under my subscription.

I am in the UK, and get my Soylent packages sent to me via, so it’s possible it was a mistake at their end (although they claim not).

Soylent customer service initially (Jan 12th) said that they couldn’t take responsibility for shipments that weren’t to the US or Canada, but then (Jan 16th) informed me that they’d send a replacement shipment of power.

I haven’t had any further communication since then, and no shipping notification yet for the replacement, so I’m not entirely sure where we are with it.

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Do you dislike the liquid?

I think you should prod them again, perhaps with a copy of the correspondence in which they promised to send you the powder.

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I am guessing with the reshipping you have to pay quite a bit for the liquid in shipping cost?

Yeah, although four boxes of liquid was similar shipping and customs costs to four boxes of powder (it’s a 54-pound package as opposed to a 36-pound package).

Sure, but since you’d need about 3 boxes of liquid to equal the 1 box of powder I could see that substitution being pretty expensive.

Pauldwaite, thanks for letting me know that Soylent made the same mistake with your order. is located in Oregon, so Soylent certainly should take responsibility since, as far as I know, the state of Oregon is still part of the United States. It isn’t as if could have possibly transformed an order of powdered Soylent into liquid Soylent, they sent you what Soylent shipped to their warehouse in Oregon.

Soylent obviously has a problem in their shipping department. At least one of their people there has trouble differentiating between the boxes of pouches and the boxes of bottles despite that they are different weights and different sizes and that the boxes of the powered version and marked “powdered food”. And, either there is no Quality Control for the “select the right box” step or Quality Control is slipping.

It annoys me that they can’t just say, “We made a mistake”. When this happened the first time they told me friend that he received bottles because they were running a promotion to get powder-using customers to try the bottled version,

NOTE: * I misunderstood what my friend told me, he said that he got the impression that they were running a promotion, he wasn’t actually told this. I apologize for that, but the rest is correct.*

but they didn’t explain why half of his pouches were missing. The “promotion” didn’t make sense to me–it would not be economically feasible for them to send an entire case of bottles to each targeted customer just to say, “Hey, see if you like this”. I searched the Internet for word of such a promotion and found nothing.

My friend told them he didn’t like the bottled version and would they please send him the missing pouches (which they did).

A month later they sent him, a customer who told them he doesn’t like the bottled version, an order that was nothing but bottled Soylent. Obviously their shipping department sent him the bottles in error last month and is still making the same mistake this month (well, they are doing worse, at least he got half his pouches last month).

Pauldwaite, I’m sorry to hear that they are taking so long to send you your order, and I am especially sorry to hear that Soylent told you that they couldn’t take responsibility for what is clearly their error. That isn’t the kind of company I believed I was backing. If I were you I’d contact them again. The whole point of a subscription is to make sure you don’t run out, right? Please keep us updated.

UPDATE: As of January 29th my friend has received neither an acknowledgement of their December and January mistakes nor his subscription order for January (not even a shipping notification, although five days ago they said they were going to ship it to him), despite that he sent them proof that he didn’t get his order.

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I hope that Soylent shows enough integrity to credit you for the shipping and custom costs you had to pay due to their shipping error.

Could you see about forwarding me that email. We have never run anything like that. If that was told to your friend it’s something I need to investigate.


Paul, do you still have the shipping label/bill of lading from your last order? My friend said that the shipping label /bill of lading he received with the bottles clearly listed the contents as being Solyent 1.5 (the powder). Yesterday he took photo of it next to the box of 2.0 bottles and sent it to Soylent to prove what he claimed was true. He heard back from them and he said they were appreciative of the proof he sent them. You should do the same. He added that the got the sense that they have been outsourcing their shipping.

If they are doing that, perhaps they are also outsourcing their bottom tier of customer service now (I’m assuming that the photo he sent got routed up a notch). I voiced disappointment that Soylent wasn’t acting like the company I had backed, but maybe the person who replied to you, shrugging off responsibility, isn’t really Soylent but a contractor working out of who knows where. And maybe the people who have been sending the wrong products work for a third-party fulfillment/shipping that contracts out to lots of companies. At least I hope so because this has been kind of embarrassing for me after I’ve been a cheerleader for them even before they shipped their first boxes.

Thanks, Conor. I sent my friend an email asking about if he still has it (it happened before Christmas).

Geez. Come on. It seems like you are continually trying to discredit Soylent in a roundabout way (“friend”) after they clearly are going above and beyond to correct whatever mistake may or may not have occurred. Try to give them the benefit of the doubt if you can. They have been very good in previous situations that people have posted.