Recent Coffiest only has been making me throw up (or nearly)?


I don’t know if this is only me or if it is related to a change in the formulation, but the most recent two boxes of Coffiest I’ve received seem to be making me gag, nearly throw up, or in a couple cases, actually throw up, shortly after drinking them.

It still tastes the same (great), goes down smooth. I don’t notice anything different about the liquid, but then it begins… I have to sit and fight it not to regurgitate it.

The lid on the one I just experienced with says BEST BY JUN 03 18 7152P7FPA JP 15:23 SLCOF7.

I used to be able to drink one of these a morning a few days a week without any problem, from the original Coffiest batches when it first came out.

Please don’t panic, this might just be me :slight_smile:

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Good news… I am 4 days away from opening a box with that expiration date and can give you feedback then.

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My 12:39 with the same codes is fine so far. I’m maybe three bottles in.

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So I’ve had 2 bottles now, 20:50 and 20:51. I was open to the possibility of throwing up, but I did not throw up. I did notice the bottles were filled slightly more than normal, about halfway up the neck.

I had the same experience yesterday morning with ordinary Coffee with a little Nutella and a splash of coconut almond milk in it (not Soylent!), so I am now wondering if maybe I’ve just developed some other more general food sensitivity. So, I am pretty sure it isn’t a problem with the Coffiest at all now, but I am sad that it isn’t cooperating with my system at the moment.

Thanks everyone for helping figure this out, and carry on drinking Coffiest confidently! :slight_smile:


Good luck with figuring out what’s going on. When you find out, please report back here- I’m interested in the outcome.

Could you send mea PM, i’d like to look into your experiences and replace your case.