Recent Symptom - Instant nausea upon soylent intake


Greetings community,

After an awesome 2 weeks experience with a very basic carb+protein+multivitamin+olive oil shake, I finally accrued all my ingredients based on this recipe:

Two days ago, I blended the list of ingredients as according to the recipe. After consuming the shake, I felt somewhat sickly and nauseous. I powered through it and re-made a different batch twice (same recipe) to account for a mistake. Same symptom. I felt my usual power-energy rush, which is good, however not myself and off balance. To make a note, I am not taking the calcium at all.

This morning I cut back the ingredients to a basic carb (oats and malto)+protein. I felt awesome again. Surge of energy, no nausea.

Any insight into what this could be caused by? I am 6’ 2", 185lbs, caucasian living in Northern California. Purchased all my ingredients via Amazon.

The ingredients and steps:

  1. Add 1 oz of Alive! Multivitamins

  2. Add 2 scoops (80g) of Whole Oat Powder

  3. Add 2 scoops (60.8g) of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

  4. Add 4 teaspoons (26g) of Fitness Fiber

  5. Add 6 teaspoons of NOW Potassium Gluconate

  6. Add 4 tablespoons of Olive Oil

  7. Add 6g of Jarrow Formulas MSM Sulfur Powder(In accordance to Rob’s update)

  8. Add 0.9 teaspoons of table salt

  9. Add 1/2 teaspoon (2g) of Swanson Monosodium Phosphate

  10. Add 3 cups (150g) of NOW Foods Carbo Gain Maltodextrin

  11. Pour water to desired consistency

  12. Take 1 per day of NOW Iron Supplements for 18 mg of Iron-$1.89

  13. Take 2 per day of NOW Calcium and Magnesium-$2.25 (I avoid this step, for now)

  14. Take 1 per day of Nature’s Way Choline


I don’t have the time to check your numbers/logistics but I will assume that
a) your numbers are correct and
b) your symptoms are NOT from a lack of a nutrient

a fast, cheap and probably risky way to single out a possible problematic ingredient would be to
reintroduce only the half of the total ingredients in your next dose. If you get same kind of symptoms, you know its one of them so repeat the process. Just play around like this, eliminating possibilities until you single it out and replace it.

but first I would check the expiration date of every ingredient, smell it, observe it closely, stir and shake your powders a bit, open one or two of each of your capsules and softgels to do the same. Maybe something has gone bad? Even if you detect nothing with your senses, do not assume your ingredients are fine. It could be something you can’t perceive…


I agree with an ingredient gone bad. Even if they’re all within expiration date make sure they’re stored the right way (cold, dry, dark places, I guess).


even if he’s been storing and handling them perfectly, there is a chance someone before him (producer, seller, and everyone in between) did not.


I would think it’s the oat powder, even though I notice you said no nausea when you took the carbs alone. I don’t know how the oat powder is processed and the amazon link doesn’t say, but if it’s uncooked this could be your problem. Uncooked grains can sometimes cause nausea. Perhaps try boiling the oat powder separately and then adding it to your drink after it cools. If the problems go away, there’s your problem; if not, something else.


I haven’t tried this recipe yet, I am STILL waiting on some of the ingredients to come in the mail.


Haven’t had this problem with my soylent, but in the past I’ve had vitamin D supplements make me throw up pretty quickly after taking them. I was fine with them for several days but I guess it built up and I was maxed out. I seem to be extra sensitive to VitD


I’ve just tried this recipe (soylent maker DIY), it tastes horrible for me and I couldn’t get passed a few sips.

Any tips on how to make it human drinkable?

P.S reducing the sulfur, monosodium phosphate and potassium seems to make it more bearable.


Indeed - I reduced those same ingredients to help with taste. I highly recommend adding cinnamon- its super effective for taste! Its night and day different.

Update: I maintain all the original ingredients of the recipe, except I half the liquid vitamin dosage. I am only take 1/2 ounce of the vitamin every day. I haven’t had any nausea since :slight_smile: