Recipe Editing Bug


On the Editing Recipe page, I am unable to drag & drop ingredients to re-order them.
Prior to the switch from .me to .com, I had this problem with FF, but it worked in Chrome.
Now it’s broken in Chrome, too.


I’ve seen this bug. It’s working fine for me on .com. Try logging out and back in.


Still doesn’t work, even after logging out and back in, for either browser.
I’m not surprised it doesn’t work in FF. It’s not usual for plugins to break things. But Chrome is a bare installation.



Just got hit by this bug. Can’t find a workaround yet. @Conor Can you have a web dev look into this?


The DIY site is not under our control. I forwarded on the error to the correct devs. Hopefully it gets resolved quickly.


@Lobo_Rojo the issue should be fixed now - please let me know if not :blush:


Confirmed fixed for me. Thanks!


It’s working on Chrome on my one PC. I’ll try it out again later on my other PC with FF and Chrome.