Recipe feedback please



Would you kindly rip apart my recipe?

I am diabetic and so reduced the carbs which upped the protein/fat/fiber.

This is the almond flour recipe with the Mens multi subbed for the Womens. I did not want the extra iron.

That brings me to my big question which is, can someone please validate the nutritional information of what I entered for the Mens Multi? This was my first ingredient creation and frankly, I don’t trust myself. Is there any kind of ingredient validation that goes on? If not, maybe we should develop some. I am assuming that the ingredients entered before were correct, maybe I shouldn’t?

Thank you very much for your feedback.




The site does have a (brand new as of today) review process. Check out the ingredient page:

I went over your numbers and added my rubber stamp (in addition to an allergen notice, and a Canadian source). I’m unfortunately getting super busy at work and won’t be able to get into the nitty-gritty details on your fully recipe until tonight. Sorry!


Thanks. How does the recipe itself look? Any danger in any of the levels? I was unable to really dial in each nutrient to 100%. Looking at other recipes, this seems to the norm.


Ahhh, today is less busy at work. Before I say anything else I should caveat that I have no experience with the dietary needs of diabetics. Bear that in mind when you read my comments.

  • Your potassium intake looks fine even without a potassium supplement, and with it you’re bumping up against the maximum dosage. Potassium overdose is no laughing matter, so you may want to stick to just what’s included in the rest of your recipe.

  • Some users have reported feeling gassy or bloated when consuming more than 30-35g of fiber daily. If you experience the same, you may want to reduce it.

  • MSM Sulfur is only ~33% sulfur by mass. You’d need to 6g in your recipe to have 2g of sulfur daily.

  • If you’re using soy protein for ethical or vegan purposes, you should be aware that Optimum Nutrition Soy Protein has a milk ingredients allergen warning on the label. It’s not a vegan product. The soy protein from True Nutrition does claim to be a vegan product, and it’s cheaper, too.

  • You could optimize your vitamin completion by using Nature’s Way Alive! Liquid Multi-Vitamin. It’s a bit more expensive than solid multis, but you can mix it into your soylent. But with the amount you’re saving on protein if you switch sources, you’ll still come out ahead.

Summary: The only thing that looks potentially hazardous (other than possible diabetes-related issues that I don’t know about) is the potassium intake, and it’s easily fixable. The rest of the advice is comfort and cost optimization.



Every Doctor/Nutritionist I have talked to says the way to control diabetes is to reduce carb intake. That’s it. Reduce your portion of carbs and your sugar levels will drop. I think it’s a bit more complicated than that, especially for me, but I can attest that reducing carbs is a major step.

My goal therefore, is to come up with a reduced carb soylent, that still contains normal calories, protein, fat, and everything else. This is proving quite difficult. Ideally, I’d like to reduce the protein, fat, and fiber but cannot find a way to do that without also reducing calories.

I purposefully reduced the sulfur based on Rob’s and others advice. 33% seemed like a good place to start, I’ll watch out for it.

The Potassium has been reduced to 98%.

I’m using the Soy protein only because I do not know of a better alternative to fit in with my goal stated above. I tried the Trader Joes unflavored soy protein but that had a ridiculous amount of potassium. I was going to check that. I’m also still discovering new ingredients.

The fiber issue is tied to the calorie issue but I took your advice and reduced it to 28g. I’m still within the range of 2k calories, if I find I need more i’ll adjust.