Recipe feedback


Hello everyone,
I’ve been on powdered food for a while, got around to creating my own:

Putting it together I wanted to avoid 2 things:

  1. Animal proteins
  2. Oil flavour (MCT which is mostly flavorless)

Really looking for advice on improving the recipe!

Specifically things I am looking into: improvement of taste (right now it’s pretty neutral), reducing cost, exploring more protein sources apart from Soy/Rice.


I wrote something on the site a while back about my research into gluten, which is probably the cheapest source of protein out there. Blending gluten with soy, rice and/or pea protein will probably net you a complete protein set and significantly cut costs (though in my thread I was looking at cutting whey protein with gluten).


I assume you’ve tried it since you say it’s neutral, flavored proteins can go a long way to changing this, even if it’s just a portion of your protein that’s flavored.

Work on getting the nutrition complete. Get those low numbers up, some of them you may not notice anytime soon, but others like the salt and potassium could get problematic pretty quickly. You may also want to bring the iron down a bit, though I’m sure you’re getting a lot from the oats.

If fish oil is a no go for you find a suitable replacement for your omegas, perhaps algae.

Finally, if you’re not accustomed to that level of MCT oil take it slow, it can cause digestive issues to jump in big.