Recipe most similar to 1.3?

I’ve been a big fan of 1.3, and would have continued my subscription beyond that but they made the main ingredient sunflower, which I am very allergic to. I have a lot of other allergies as well, which is why about 80% of my diet is soylent. I’ve been buying 1.3 on ebay, but eventually there won’t be anymore, so I’d like to start experimenting with making my own or buying from an active DIYer.

I asked @Soylent if they could give me the recipe to 1.3 b/c of my circumstances, but it’s apparently something they can’t do. so I’m wondering, has anyone tried a DIY recipe that reminded them of 1.3? Thanks!

I haven’t tried any DIY recipes, but you might search the DIY site for recipes with vanilla or vanillin, either as an ingredient or perhaps by including a vanilla-flavored protein powder or something. I hope you get some concrete recommendations, but good luck either way!