Recipe progress for review, chromium and chloride deficient


Heres the breakdown

I was thinking chromium chloride but with the incredibly small amounts I’m missing I’m not sure If thats my best bet.

My original plan for my carbs was to hybrid jeffrey’s and just supplement all the micro’s / protein and fat , Indolence Won and I ended up just amalgamating recipes I’ve seen around here.

Loved the addition of chelated potassium / phosphorous and calcium, still searching to see If I can fill in the rest of the minerals with some mix like that.

Left out nootropics as they have no nutritional quality and I want to get my basics down before I start looking for anything for the probiotic / phytonutrients.

Does anyone have a cost effective alternative to the psyllim husks? I’d rather not drink sludge but if its sludge or cost I will.

I’m working off a mac at home and apparently the hyperlinks to sources didn’t make the transition, I can post those if your curious (or fix it if you know how)


Hi schulte, your google doc is locked down. Can you give it public view access?


ahh! thanks, did I get it?


@SaladFace had a great idea of using acacia fiber instead of the psyllium husk. I personally haven’t tried it, but it is in the new version of my recipe.

Acacia also appears to be half the cost of psyllium husk.


Were did you find it for 1/2 price? On amazon I found one of each for about $15 a month.


Have you looked into coconut flour for fiber? I found a really cheap local source for mine, but I was looking at this online before. Might be a reasonable alternative.

If you’re looking to bump up your chloride, you might looking into potassium chloride. It’s a very cheap source of potassium and can help out your chloride.

Also, I’m thinking of writing a song called “too much magnesium”. You only want 350mg per day. Tops. Otherwise you’re going to get magnesium poisoning. It’s a lot more bioavailable as a supplement than in normal food form and can quickly develop adverse affects.


Also, Spiru-tein is awesome. Good call.


Oh yeh…magnesium…my dreaded foe. 400mg tablets poison me within hours.


That has 180 servings for $16, the psyllium I found on Amazon had 75 servings for $14
It’s possible that I had a typo on my spreadsheet though.

Coconut powder is a great alternative, just pay attention to your iron levels.


Hi Harvey - This appears to be a typo - the costs are actually very similar with psyllium being slightly cheaper ( but potentially more bloaty ).

Heather’s Tummy Fiber - 2.5g serving size X 180 Servings = 450g / $16.95 = $0.0443 per gram.

Now Foods Pyllium Husk - 9g serving size X 75 Servings = 675g / $14.12 = $0.0209 per gram.