Recipe review and Preparation techniques


I picked a up a recipe and modified it for my uses and want to get some feedback on it.

I’m a bit confused as to how to prepare some of these ingredients. Specifically the rice and pinto beans since they’re hard to begin with and require cooking in non-Soylent use.

Thank you

P.S. Throw as much science as you can at me. I’m a medical student and we don’t get enough time with nutrition. I could use the information.


Honestly couldn’t say. No recipe I’ve looked at has used raw ingredients. Most of what I’ve looked at focuses on rice, oat, and/or bean flours, which are easy enough to just add in.

Your fats are way off, specifically the figures you are using for your omegas. Mathematically impossible to have 53 grams of fat with 330 g of that being O3 and O6. I think there’s a misplaced decimal on the pinto beans… :smile:

Once you fix that, it will probably show that your O6’s are too low. Common issue. Easy enough to fix by adding in a little olive or canola oil. Many have ignored the RDI 17g minimum and opted instead for at least 20 g in total Omegas at something closer to a 1:1 between O3:O6, which more recent studies seem to support. Cold ground flaxseed is decently cheap in bulk at Sam’s Club and will help get you there.

Other than that, it looks like a decent recipe, nutrition wise. Let us know how it tastes, I guess.


Thanks for catching that mistake. I copied the ingredient from another recipe and didn’t think to double check values. Got some more tweaking to do now. I may try to replace the pinto beans and rice with something else to make preparation easier.


Couldnt figure out why you used suprised faces. :O becomes :open_mouth:

I havent seen a recipe quite like this one. I am going to look in to it.


I can’t figure out how to use the beans and rice so I think I’ll just cook them separately.