Recipe review and some questions


Hi All,

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on a diy recipe before I order all the ingredients as I am very new to this. I also have a number of questions regarding its contents. The recipe is

Firstly the recipe uses a large amount of maltodextrin, 145g, and I am concerned about blood sugar levels having such a large amount in the recipe, has anyone experienced an issue? I’m planning to split a days worth over 4/5 ‘meals’ but I’m wondering if I should look at slow release carbs?

I’m also using sodium bicarbonate for my sodium component, I haven’t seen many people use this, is there a reason? Or am I not looking hard enough?

I’m also concerned about the potential saltiness from using 5.5g of potassium chloride, has this been an issue for anyone? In tempted to use this inside some capsules so as not to effect taste, anyone tried this?

My other major concern is the oils, I have chosen these to fill out the omega 3/6 but I am not sure if they are the best choices?

I also think I should probably include an emulsifier? Are there any recommendations for ones in the uk?




Sodium Bicarbonate has a bad flavor, and it reacts with acidic compounds (Think the baking soda and vinegar volcanoes). I’m not sure how that would work or taste.


thanks for the reply @j8048188 I was hoping the small amount of bicarb wouldn’t be noticeable but I guess that isn’t the case, I’ll respin the recipe to use salt for the sodium and potassium gluconate as this seems to be used a lot.




Another thing I’d suggest is looking at @kennufs recipes. He may have baking soda in his.


Thanks @j​8048188, I’ve modified my recipe to use gluconate, I think I’ll go that way to start as it is more proven but I’ll make a mix with some bicarb in to try and see what it tastes like.


Sorry, I tagged the wrong person! (Mobile browsing isn’t very fun)
You really want to look at the recipes that @isaackotlicky came up with.
Here’s his recipe thread:

and here’s his actual DIY recipe


I think baking powder is a safer bet than baking soda. It’s already pH balanced, commonly used in baking to provide loft, and all you need is to add water. I’m a bit leery of working with pH ratios trying to balance out the taste on my own.
Additionally, it adds a bit of sodium (though I’m unsure of the availability of it vs. plain salt).