Recipe review please


My recipe is a spinoff of the ever popular People Chow. I have adjusted it for what I believe to be a better fat profile and a higher quality vitamin supplement. Please read all the notes before responding.

I’ve updated the recipe so that it now has an amount of omega-3 that is generally considered safe. It doesn’t have nearly as good of a ratio of omega-6 to 3 as before but now I hopefully won’t be risking a bleeding event.


I’m not sure how well the body can handle iron if it’s only taken once a week. Other than that, the recipe looks good to me.


It’s an average over a period of time. The recipe has iron in it but another 18mg a day seemed like too much. Taking the iron once a week averages to just over 8mg a day.


The body can store iron very well - too well, for many men - so getting it periodically instead of daily is doable. The catch is that you may not be able to absorb it very well if it’s delivered all in one dose.

I’d have a big concern in the very high levels of omega-3’s you’re showing and the danger of excessive bleeding or other problems. I suggest you read this page:

Scroll down to the **safety / adverse effects ** section on Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and read about excessive bleeding.


The iron supplement is in a vegicap that twists appart easily and gets added to the powder.

You may be right about the omega 3. I donated blood today and filled the bag in 3.5 minutes. While low blood viscosity is good that seems ridiculous. On the bright side I didn’t bleed anymore than normal when they checked my iron levels or when they took the needle out of my arm.

Still I think turning down the omega 3s may be a good idea.


I’m not concerned with the iron getting into solution and being bioavailable… I’m concerned with whether your body can absorb that quantity in just one meal. I seem to recall max absorption rates, but I may be off on this. Then again, if you dump the cap in your soylent, it’s split across several meals…

On the quick blood donation… I remembered replying to your post about that, but didn’t remember it was you when I was looking at your DIY formula. I’m amused. I may be wrong, sometimes, but if so, at least I’m consistently wrong!


Never mind on the iron…

Iron absorption rates decline as iron dosage goes up, which makes getting large amounts problematic, but the effect doesn’t come into play here. It only matters at the dosage levels used to treat anemia, which are way above what we’re looking at, here.


Ok, so your saying adding the iron supplement to the powder everyday shouldn’t be problem?


My biggest concern is with your fats. You have a very good omega 3/6 ratio, but I would worry about the total amount of omega 6 you are getting. Obviously just a personal opinion, but I think soybean oil is one of the worst oils you can use. High levels of PUFA are always going to cause some concern with the oils going rancid. Both fish and flax seed oils are known to have problems with going rancid if you are not careful about your suppliers and how you store them. You need to take quite a bit just to correct your omega ratio because of all the omega 6 coming from the soybean oil. There can be other concerns with flax as well and Quid who pays a lot of attention to what goes into his ‘superfood’ recipes has moved away from using it.

Of course there is a lot of conflicting information out there, but you asked for peoples opinions so here is mine to be taken with a least one gram of salt.


No, I mean I was wrong to be concerned that you might be unable to absorb the extra iron if you took it weekly instead of daily.

And iron is well-stored when you absorb it.


@materialsguy soy isn’t the devil in disguise the Internet is making it out to be. Soybean oil gives me vitamin K and enough omega 6 to make the USDA happy.

But on the other hand the amount of omega 6 could be part of my problem. To balance it out I need 11g of omega 3 which can result in bleeding issues.

I think I need to rework my fat profile to include more omega 9.


I’ve updated my recipe. The omega 6 to 3 ratio isn’t nearly as good as before but at least the level of omega 3 isn’t above what is generally considered as safe.


It’s usually hard to hit all the ratios you might want, still get everything you need, avoid the excesses where it matters, and use the ingredients you have, all at once…