Recommended real food calorie intake per day using soylent?


i read the creator used soylent for 8 months as 90% of his total calorie intake. so what is the recommeded real food calorie intake per day while using soylent and are there specific foods such as meats (proteins) suggested for that daily %?

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I think it’s up to personal preference whether you replace 90% or 50% of your diet with Soylent, there are not any studies yet so just make sure to distribute it however you like.


Use an official source like the NIH recommended values that depend on your age and gender.


It’s not that he was using it as 90% of his calories every day, it’s that he replaced 90% of his meals for that 8 month with Soylent. Most days were 100% Soylent days, but then every three or four days, he ate one regular meal. So in the end 90% of his 8 month total came from Soylent, but it’s not like he was supplementing with food every day.


You can use a calculator such as this to see how many calories you should take in per day to maintain your weight:

You can also use formulas such as these to calculate it yourself:

A quick-and-easy method for calorie intake is just to multiply your current or goal weight by 10 [for women] or 11 [for men].


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