Red Flush in Videos?


I noticed that in the promotional videos the founders all have a red flush to their cheeks. Is this caused by the conditions of the filming (e.g., a hot room, hot day, etc.) or is it caused by something in Soylent like Niacin?


@Julio_Miles - this is an interesting question.


If I had to guess I’d say it’s a crummy color correction job (or perhaps doing the best possible with poor lighting conditions in the raw footage)… but of course I’d rather not have to guess!


great question – the filming was done in venice on a hot day, and studio lights certainly aren’t cooler! just a quirk of the production, not of their dermises.


Rob though does seem to look a bit red in the face generally! :open_mouth:

The interviewer in this video seems normal.


I think it is more likely to do with lypocene.
I notice my skin gets a similar colour as Rob has, when I overload on tomatoes.


Might also be related to the “high” dosage of niacin which can cause flushing
This is only speculation some react at it at doses as low as 20mg but most only do at 50-100mg