Red itchy rashes

I started with 7 bags. I chose not to use the oil, because I take a Vescepa, which is a fish oil with EPA, without the DHA. It’s prescribed, but it’s pretty brilliant, the removal of DHA, is directly correlated to lowering LDL. I chose to mix the bags only with water. I’m not a foody, nor do I expect perfection with a product like this. I like to focus on fitness, and prefer to have predictability with regard to how I burn my calories. The idea here is being able to sustain muscle while losing fat. I finished the entire supply, and I enjoyed the taste. I found the consumption of 18 oz’s at a time to be very satisfying. Unfortunately, I noticed three or four, very red and itchy rashes, within the next day or two. What’s important here, is that I’ve always been someone who has been immune to such things. I’ve never reacted to anything like this my entire life. I figured it was a fluke. Once I ran out of supply, the rashes after some time, diminished and I thought nothing of them again. Since I enjoyed the product so much, I upped my subscription to 14 bags. The next day after drinking soylent, once again, I developed rashes approximately in the same areas. I’m now into my second bag, and I’m hesitant to finish, what I had made and stored for my next serving.

Hence, this is the reason why I’m here. I wanted to know if there were others that had this reaction? I wanted to know, what the likely cause may be? If it’s known, are there steps being taken, to adjust the formulation, so that I feel confident in staying the course? I’m a little torn, honestly, because I would like to finish what’s been made, and was hoping to finish the bags I still have. Is there something that I can add to the drink, so as to neutralize, what it may be that’s causing the issue?.

Thanks for your feedback.

Do you have any known food allergies? If not I would suggest getting tested. Soylent is cross contaminated with gluten so it’s not impossible that it’s also contaminated with something your allergic to.


There are a lot of variables, you’ll need some more information to try and isolate the problem. Some preliminary questions:

What type of rashes are they?
Where do the rashes occur?
Do they reoccur in the same place?
How long after drinking before the rashes appear?
Are you replacing the missing fat and calories?
What else are you consuming?
Are there any environmental factors?

You might also want to start identifying things that the rash might be associated with:

This might also be of interest:


Thank you very much for your replies. The rashes are not in the same spot. But, they tend to be more acute around the hip area. Pretty much the intersection where the leg attaches to the hip. A much more mild one, on the opposite side, on the waste. Finally, a very minimal one, on the arm that’s on the same side, as the others. The ones in the hip area have been very itchy. For three and a half years straight, I was 100% vegan and raw. But, this past year, I’ve been visiting with the elder parents, so, I fell off. Nonetheless, I have been consistently eating healthy. As for food allergies, that’s just it. I’m 51 years old. I can’t accept the idea, that I haven’t been exposed to foods with Gluten. How could that be possible, especially, being a consumer here in the U.S. I consume quite a bit of a product, that has been great for me. I buy allot of the Pure Protein version, since I work out allot. I’ve tried every variety of those, and plenty drinks, even like Muscle Milk and other such products. Muscle Milk has some artificial flavoring. I don’t have allergies to dairy, because I’ve had egg white omelettes with Feta cheese. No problems there. I used to drink my Starbucks Coffee at one time, with Soy milk, before dropping back to skim. I never had any problems with just about anything. I know it’s the Soylent, because there was a lull before I received my second shipment. The day after I had my first drink of the second shipment, the rashes came back with a fury.

I’m not a food scientist but I’m baffled.

Out of curiosity, just to test a possible theory, do you normally feel warmer than usual even consuming Soylent?

I wasn’t suggesting you where allergic to gluten I was suggesting you have an undiagnosed food allergy and that Soylent is also contaminated with whatever it is you’ve developed an allergy to. I would suggest going to you doctor and request an allergy scratch test to figure it out.


I understand. It’s more than reasonable to deduct, that it’s an allergic reaction to something. It’s a bit hard to believe that it took “only” Soylent to get a reaction. I’ve had plenty of over the counter bars and even things like Metrex back in the day, when I went all high Protein liquid food for weeks, and no issues. A few months ago, I was checking out Nature’s Warrior Protein Powder. None of these designer foods have caused any reaction. My body acts like a charm. I even feel great on Soylent. As for the question, do I feel warm?. No I feel just fine. The rashes just don’t add up. I did visit the link, which describes causes of rashes from different sources. Mine do not match up in description and sourcrs, that are listed. I had another 18 oz around 6:30 EST. Again, it hit the spot, and I felt very satisfied. It’s 9pm, and I still feel satisfied, and energetic. The rashes are no better, but, no worse either. Tomorrow should be quite telling.

You’ve probably already ruled this out, but using a new type of detergent for clothes, or soap on the body, or even fabric types can cause rashes in some people.

The one time I had an allergic reaction it was to these candies that my friend got from Germany. My eyes and lips swelled up quite a bit and I got these weird starburst looking itchy blotches in similar places to what your describing. To this day I have no idea what was in the candies that caused the reaction.

You keep comparing your reaction to Soylent to your reactions to other products like Metrex and Natures Warrior. That doesn’t really mean anything. Those products are made in completely different factories and are obviously not contaminated with whatever it is your allergic too. Again we really have no way of knowing what your allergic to without a trip to your doctor.


Wait, stop the freaking bus…

One really important question isn’t answered - are you consuming ONLY Soylent powder and that EPA oil? If so that could very well be your problem. By discarding the oil blend, you eliminated the entire source of omegas and you’ve only replaced it with EPA. You need EPA and DHA both in your diet, or at least some ALA.

Allergic-type rashes are a known symptom of fatty acid deficiency.


I learned something :smile:

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I actually haven’t done enough research to know that for certain, but that is what I’ve read so far. My only sources are pretty weak:

Here’s something a bit more reliable:


All interesting stuff, but, I’ve been taking Vescepa EPA minus the DHA for two years now. My Dad and Brother are both Doctors. My Brother is a pretty brilliant professor of Internal Medicine, Hematology, and Oncology. He’s also a clinician. I get my blood tested every now and then, and he’s always found the results to be quite good. However, my triglycerides were not as low as he likes to see. I heard him speaking highly of Vescepa, with some drugs reps at a dinner. When he explained why he thought the drug was brilliant, I learned why. DHA has been shown to increase bad cholesterol. So, I mentioned, that I had been taking over the counter Omega 3 fish oil supplements. He had not known that. So, I asked him, if he thought that taking Vescepa would solve that issue. He said it couldn’t hurt to take it, and yes, he was very confident. I’ve been taking it for two years. I went from over 100 down to 60 which is excellent.

The bottom line here, is that I’m not a big variety fanatic. There hasn’t been a change either in my diet, or as mentioned here, laundry detergent. As for isolation, the source of the reaction is obvious, because Soylent is the only variable that’s new. Not to mention, it’s happening after I drink Soylent. Therefore, what’s the point in going to the doctor, if we know that by continuing with Soylent, the issue will not go away. My interest in posting here, was to learn, if there were others known to experience this? Additionally, if the ingredient had been identified? This way, I could follow the product periodically through future versions, and watch for the ingredient being eliminated, so as to return as a customer.


Not to be a dick, but you did not answer a single question in that wall of text.


The first thing I thought was a fatty acid imbalance or deficiency. But deficiency seemed to show too fast… So my bet is imbalance between omega 3 and 6… Otherwise you have a fungus/bacteria infection. (Last option would be an overdose of a vitamin/mineral, but that is less likely unless you also take a supplement besides Soylent)

That is my guess… I would suggest stopping with your fish pills and use the official Soylent oil blend… Plenty of people have reported lowered LDL when consuming Soylent. So you don’t need those pills to reach your goal.

Also, fat/oil is better as a calorie source if you want to lose weight/burn fat… Because the body is more efficient at converting carbs into fat than the fat you eat.
It is not like the fat you eat moves straight to your fat cells.

DHA also raises good cholesterol. So i would suggest using DHA supplements (with higher or equal EPA in them if you are still concerned) based on the study linked by @agentspiff which shows how the lack of it could be responsible for your condition. That is if your condition is atopic eczema.

I always wonder what the motivation is for folks that don’t want to add the oil to their Soylent. Is it as simple as someone thinking eating fat will make them fat?

It sounds like the rash appeared after 1 day of Soylent on the second order. Would a single day with no oil really show problems that fast? Or would it be more of a long-term health issue?

It could be a long term health issue aggravated by the combination of…lack of DHA (he hasnt been consuming DHA before too) and probably something else in soylent.

I just stumbled upon a thought (could taking only EPA without DHA cause or contribute to this?) This is just a thought not a medical opinion. He is better off talking to a doctor.

Agentspiff, I just read your question, no, Soylent isn’t the only thing. Because I do spend at least an hour a day, at minimum, lifting and doing intense cardio, I eat I alternative between two bars. One called Pure protein, which is 100% raw and vegan, and the other called Chocolate with active greens. They both have plant based EPA’s.

While I 100% agree this is an allergic reaction to something Soylent is contaminated with ( it only happens when you take it and goes away when you stop), I was wondering. You take this Vescepa in place of the oil that comes with your Soylent. How much do you take and what other oil do you use if any? If you’ve said I missed it.