Reddish/Brownish foul tasting soylent


So, SOME of our soylent bags has this reddish weird tint and it tastes very different from normal soylent. I didn’t care much about it first time around, figuring it was version 1.3. But then the other packages were ok. Have I given myself cancer now by drinking this…? -_______-

I took a photo of the difference:


From an earlier thread:

The red-hue Soylent you received is definitely unusual. Please discard that bag/don’t consume. A replacement bag will be sent out to you. We want to look into this – would you mind sending the lot # that is on the bag?

I would contact Rosa Labs at and see what they say. In the meantime, I wouldn’t consume any unusual looking/smelling/tasting Soylent just to be safe.


This happened to a few customers of v1.3 also.

Unusual Red Soylent.

Last time, @Soylent weighed in, perhaps they will again.

(FWIW, a few users in that thread admitted they had consumed similarly-colored Soylent and experienced no adverse effects.)


When in doubt throw it out!


And ask for refund :slight_smile:


I’m one of those who posted in that other linked thread (complete with pics). Consumed it, no ill effect. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but I’ve consumed much worse. (long stories. lol)

The thing that bothered me was that it was obvious there was some sort of problem on Soylent’s end, but nothing much was ever said about it. And, by the looks of it, it isn’t resolved - there’s some sort of variation that occasionally pops up between batches. Whether it’s a bad thing or innocuous, we have no real idea, until @Soylent actually comes out and says “This is caused by _____.”


So I guess I just have to contact them (sigh) and deal with their customer “service” (double-sigh)


Their customer service has been improving by leaps and bounds just in the past month.