Reddit AMA tomorrow at 12PM PST (3PM EST)

Just saw this on Facebook:

Start thinking up questions! If you can’t get on a computer at the right time to ask your questions tomorrow, try posting them here and maybe someone else will ask for you.


I’ll be working. Progress update on 1.6/powdered 2.0?


I’ll ask this if I remember tomorrow, but I’d like to know what technical (and perhaps logistical) challenges would need to be overcome for the Soylent drink product line to become cost competitive with the cheapest fast food and groceries.


I saw the post and immediately forgot every question I was building up to ask.
Other than perhaps any news on solid soylent.
I wish I didn’t have to work.


I won’t be available to get into the AMA, but here’s a few things I’d be interested in hearing about:

  • There’s a number of people who have received v1.5 product recently with surprisingly close expiration dates… for example, I just received my two-box subscription shipment for March, and both expire in April. What gives, and is anything being done to improve on this?

  • Any updates on reducing shipping packaging? My two boxes always show up in a third bigger box with a few layers of paper dunnage. IANAE but the white 1.5 boxes seem hearty enough to survive shipment, so why not ship them as-is?

  • Has Soylent conducted any recent studies on the product and/or the people that are consuming it? Any interesting results that can be shared?

I’m mostly curious about when the next iteration of each product will be out. It’s been a long time (relatively for Soylent iterations) since the last one.

Maybe I’ll ask if they plan to stick with the 400 calorie 2.0 or have plans to change that.

i bet the reason for the close expiration date is because they are getting rid of inventory and about to release 1.6, just a guess but nothing else would make sense, so it might be good news

It just started:

Just a heads up guys I am working with the product team to do monthly Q&A’s here. Since they lurk so much.


is it over? i havent seen a reply in 30 minutes, dont they usually say goodbye first, lol

That was my hope as well… But then I got a fresh batch with a 1/17 expiration. If the 1/17 batch is as large as the 4/16 stuff seems to have been, we might be receiving 1/17 boxes for months

The only news I noticed from today was

  • 1.6 is almost ready for release, but they haven’t had time to get it out. They have really put a lot of work into it and think it’s a significant advance. Rob fed some to his mini-pig and it loved it.

  • Work on the solid version is continuing, and we are really going to be happy with it when it is released.

  • There are some big obstacles to releasing Soylent in Europe and I got the impression it is not close to release.

I didn’t notice much else. There could have been some postings by Rob that I didn’t even see.


I’m pumped for the solid version, carrying 96 bottles a month from the post office is getting old, and I bet the solid version will be alot lighter


I was a bit bummed by the state of things in the AMA. I was hoping that we would at least get a concrete time projection for the release of 1.6, or if not for that, then for whatever other development is RL’s priority right now – solids or 2.1 or flavors or what have you. But for now the answer to everything seems to just be that they are working on it, with nothing close enough to fruition to even tease a rough timeframe for release. Still, I realize my expectations are not necessarily reasonable since these would seem to be major updates and it’s only been about 6 months since the last big roll-out. I am thinking in terms of how close together past formula updates have been and that might not be a fair gauge. But dagnabbit, I’m impatient! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, I am really eager to find out the status of 1.6. I also wasn’t really excited about the formation of solid Soylent but the more I think about it, transporting fluids around is wasteful especially if I have to drink lots of fluids with Soylent anyway.

FYI, if you repleace “www[DOT]reddit[DOT]com” with “” in any reddit URL it will display all deleted content. Reddit has been increasingly censoring content over the last year or so. No questionable deletions from this particular AMA but transparency is always a good thing.


It would seem the best time for an AMA might be right AFTER a new product comes out rather than many months into a long wait…

Sounds almost like some politicians… I can’t tell you anything about 1.6 except to say that it will be YUGE!! (And the mini pig likes it)


As soon I read about the mini pig eating Soylent I soon pictured every media outlet ignoring the purpose of soylent and going straight for, “Local eccentric CEO forces animal to consume liquid diet product.” :smile: :cry:

I felt a little empty after this AMA, it only kind of confirmed things we already knew were coming, but with politician ‘soon’ speech.
Thankful to have had it anyway.


Interesting. The only deleted stuff was from a whiny customer whose posts were downvoted by redditors.

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