Reddit over Discourse?

It looks like the link to this forum (discourse) has been replaced with a link to the r/soylent subreddit with the new website redesign. Anyone know why?

  • Old Website (the “Forum” link at the bottom linked here)
  • New Website (the “Community” link goes to reddit).

Edit: Ah, actually the link to this forum still exists in the social icons list. There’s a reddit icon there too, but only reddit is in the footer. I’m probably reading too much into this. :smile:


On the very bottom right, the little speech bubble is for discourse.


Heh, yeah. I ninja edited right before you posted. Sorry.

Do you guys prefer that we use reddit instead of discourse since it is a more prominent link?

I currently use both, but reddit much less often.

Also, the links in the lower right do not show up in some browsers (or with some security things blocked) apparently. I had to go with another browser for them to show up.


We use both, our dev team is on discourse more frequently because you offer stronger feedback. New users tend to be more versed in reddit. We went with reddit as the community link for this reason. That being said we are not moving away from discourse.


That’s for explaining that. It’s nice to understand the thinking that goes on behind the scenes.

Reddit doesn’t seem as active from the times I’ve looked. People here are much more responsive and much more detailed (for both technical questions and personal opinions).

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They are responsive and this is why more of the staff lurk here with me just hovering on reddit.


Oh no, what did you do to get reddit duty?


If there is a Soylent community… i’ll be there!


I mentioned Soylent in a Facebook post I wrote and got an official reply back, in Swedish. Excellent response to the community. Was that you too @Conor? :slight_smile:


That was one of the customer service people helping me :smile:


Wow, that is spectacular. I can’t imagine many companies going to those lengths for customer service.

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I am sorry for your hardship.

(man, I hate reddit)


Hey, the science and technology subs aren’t so bad.

But otherwise, yea, 95% a cesspool of ignorance

Except discourse…you can say the same to all other online forums too seriously.