Reddit team censoring any posts asking Rosa Labs questions

So this morning I asked /u/Soylentconor, via a post in /r/soylent if they could share any information about the unavailability of 2 of the 4 soylent products. The thread quickly received 8 upvotes and was deleted within 20 minutes of being post.

A moderator then deleted several other threads that even referenced unavailability of either 1.6 or Coffeist. After I sent modmail asking why the censorship, they post a sticky and I immediately asked my question again. Within a minute my comment was deleted. Commented again. Deleted. Commented again. Deleted. Commented a fourth time and as of right now it is still up but I expeted it to be deleted too

Here are replies from one of the moderators

This is suspect, especially considering a Rosa employee is a moderator of the sub.

UPDATE they deleted the original mega thread to get rid of the 6 deleted comments and made an identical one


The modmail thread in full.

Tell me how I’m censoring ‘rosa labs issues’ by creating a thread for people to ask questions in.

I’ve removed your comments because we’re having the same damn conversation over modmail, and you’re griping about censorship.

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The moderator posted the full modmail from his/her view on imgr. Uploading it here so they can’t delete it

I was concerned too, until I saw the modmail. So what’s your algae-derived beef?

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They just deleted their original mega thread, and posted a brand new one to get rid of the 6 deleted comments…

The mods there do have a history of weird behavior. Too bad we can’t vote them all out.

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That’s what usually happens when the company is given moderation power on their related sub.


Will have to do some sleuthing on the non-Conor mods. Suprised to see just how many mods there are. I assume the three with the logo next to them work for RL? Since when did ilovetofu work there? Explains his sketchy behavior in the mold days.

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They don’t.

We’re just volunteers that thought it’d be fun to help the community in general, but honestly this shit gets frustrating, and we (I) fuck up.

The threads and comments lately have been especially harsh, so I’m about at the end of my rope myself.


Please do all step down so new mods can take the reigns.

Conor has limited permissions there. I trust him. No other mods seem to work for RL, but they do all have a history of being terrible mods.

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My comments were far from harsh. I asked a question in a 100% civil way. You deleted it. You made a thread, I commented. You deleted my comment. I commented, you deleted, I commented you deleted, I commented you deleted then deleted your thread. You then made an identical thread because you notice it was still showing the number of comments you’d deleted.



I think he’s just really bad at being a mod.

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We try to keep the threads on topic, allow honest questions from people that are confused or just new to the concept in general, and restrict comments that do little more than insult others for those questions.

Still new to the gig, and there are 20k people subscribed to it, and about five like Mercer here who seem to complain for the sake of it.

As an added bonus, I’ve seen new people to the whole concept of an engineered food get insulted for asking basic questions. We can only watch so many comment threads, but if the community at large is turning that direction, there’s not much we can actually do about it.

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Bingo? You deleted a thread that had no comments (because you deleted them all) and recreated an identical thread to hide the fact that you deleted comments!!!

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What is the process to replace all mods? Can you put it to a vote? Can we trust the vote when it’s done in a sub you mod?

You should start a new sub. We can avoid the noobs there, too. And set mod term limits.

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So… they consolidated multiple threads into 1?

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No. I made a post specifically asking Soylentconor if he/she could give us any updates on why half the products were unavailable. They then deleted the thread after it had 8 upvotes.

They then post their own mega thread. It received 6 comments, all of which were deleted. They then deleted the thread and post a brand new one. A copy paste.

It now has 3 deleted comments in it, only one of which is from me. Hardcore censorship in full effect.