Reduce Fiber Content


I believe the abnoxious gas is caused from the high fiber content. As well as reduce the sulfur content somewhat.

Someone like me (family genetics) has over-active bacteria in the gut that feeds on the fiber content. No matter what I take - probiotics, Beano, Gas-X, etc, they do no good.

If I have it for breakfast, I’m ok. If I have it for lunch in addition, it is unbearable the rest of the day. Not much fun when I work primarily after school and dinner hours. If I have it at dinner, when I wake up in the morning, the room is noxious from all night release.

Overall, I love the product, and would love to continue using it. I have had very little regular food, and when I do, I crave salt and sweet foods, which I’m trying to avoid. But if this isn’t resolved soon, I’m afraid I will have to cancel my subscription. I have one month’s worth the just arrived (v1.3), and will see if there is any advantageous change, but if not, will have to cancel.

Thanks for listening!


Don’t try to avoid salt. Soylent has less than your daily requirements, so if you don’t add salt to your Soylent, you need it from your other food.