Reduced fiber in 1.4


I was surprised to see the big reduction in fiber in 1.4. To my understanding some folks are solving digestion/gas issues by adding fiber. So why would RL reduce it in 1.4? Are the things that the added fiber were compensating for no longer present? Did the gas result from carbs, which are now reduced?


All those questions and more can be answered by trying it yourself :smile:


The farting has really died down. When I was drinking 1.3, LAWD have mercy! I could clear a room with a toot. I am not experiencing any of that with 1.4


I don’t understand the reduction either. I never had any gas or digestion problems with .0, .1, .2, or .3 but the fiber made my BMs so much better. I never realized the difference getting enough fiber would make. I’m trying 1.4 now but if things go back to the way they were pre-Soylent then I’ll probably drop out.


With 1.3? This is news. I saw some people talking about gas on 1.3 too, but not this kind. Anyway kudos you are okay with 1.4


I dont know why the fiber was reduced but gas from the older formula was caused due to a) that much fish oil (switching to algal from fish reduced gas for some folks) b) that much protein. Which could also have contributed to the smell and ‘probably’… c)potassium gluconate’s interaction with something else in the old (1.0-1.3) formula. (switching gluconate with diphosphte reduced gas quite a few folks). And probably that much carbs in the older formula. But personally i dont think this is the case, this is an answer only team soylent knows.

Also quite a few people who reported less gas on 1.3 were on previous versions, so their bodies had time to adjust. Which reminds me to ask @Algebrah did you consume any prior versions of soylent before 1.3?


This is what I’ve been wanting to hear! Thank you. 1.3 gave me some gnarly toots also. (But not as bad as 1.0/1.1)


Yes, but we’re adding psyllium husk fiber. It seems to help BMs come out better formed, and not so messy. I think it helps a bit with gas too, maybe. I don’t know of anyone adding more gum acacia to their Soylent, or any other type of fiber to my knowledge.


Hello everyone… fiber is actually a big known cause of increased gas where I am from… But fiber isn’t just fiber. But I am pretty sure too fibers from oats is a good way to get the farts rolling, as is my personal experience with eating too much of it as breakfast. (This explains the the reduction in fiber)

And gas isn’t just gas either, just because you get increased or decreased amount of gas, then it still has nothing to do with the smell itself… that is directly related to sulfur containing compounds. Sulfur which is mainly from proteins. (This explains the reduction in total amount of protein)

These two factors have everything to do with your bodies/intestines ability to digest the protein and carbs more than the bacteria in your large intestines. The bacteria are the ones releasing the majority of the gas and sulfur compounds when they break down the fiber, carbs and protein (along with other stuff)

Disclaimer: at least, that is my understanding, correct me if I am completely wrong in my simplified explaination.


No, 1.3 was my first version actually. I did hear the gas was pretty bad in previous versions which I can’t even imagine what that must have been like.


The gas issues don’t really bother me, I just worry that consuming 100% soylent won’t give you a healthy amount of fiber now with the reduction. What was the dietary justification in the reduction of fiber?


See the “Fiber” heading here:

In short: it improves digestibility, and you still get a healthy amount of fiber.

Although judging from the Soylent 1.4 nutrition panel, it’s 64% of the “Daily Value” of dietary fiber, if I’m reading it right. I don’t know what “daily value” they’re quoting, be it ideal or maximum or minimum or whatever.

But note that the Carbohydrates page in the Soylent FAQ says:

Because humans cannot metabolize fiber, its main purpose is to add structure to ingested food, which makes it easier for the peristaltic mechanisms of the human gastrointestinal tract to squeeze food through the system.

So if that’s accurate, I guess as long as there’s enough fiber to enable your gut to push the Soylent through, you’re golden.


“So why would RL reduce it in 1.4?” That one can’t.


I don’t know. By eating 1.4 he can see the effect the reduced fiber has and possibly see why there was a reduction.


I’ve found sources online that state men need 38 grams of fiber up to age 50 and 30 afterwards, currently Soylent has 18 grams of fiber per day. The release says 18 grams is an “ample” amount. Could Rosa Labs please support this claim of ample-ness of 18 grams of fiber? As someone with colon cancer very prevalent in his family, making sure my fiber intake is sufficient is very important to me.


So what study did Rosa Labs do to show that 18 grams of fiber is ample? Is that with a 100% soylent based diet? If I eat “muggle” food for dinner should I supplement my breakfast and lunch soylent with fiber? I’m not saying Rosa Labs is wrong, I’m just saying we need more information to be able to make good decisions for our health.


Mmmm, bacon pudding…


Sure, maybe. Bit risky drawing conclusions from a sample size of one, though.


Do the online sources you found say why that amount of fiber is necessary? Could you link to them?


Good question…