Reducing “filling”-ness

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I have seen many posts documenting how Soylent is for some users not filling enough. I find I have the opposite problem. I have been using 1.5 powder and had been at it for a while, the taste had long since been bearable, but the taste was not the problem, nor the texture. I would like to go full or nearly full Soylent, but find it unpracticable presently. I find it difficult or impossible to take in, in one sitting, one powder meal with the suggested amount of water without inducing feelings of nausea or actual vomiting. I have tried to reduce the amount of water but find it both harder to get down and similarly filling feeling. I suspect it is not the volume itself as I can drink that much water without these consequences. Do any of you have any suggestions as to reducing the “filling”-ness.
-Any help appreciated

Nausea? Vometing? Are you sure you aren’t allergic to Soylent?


Are you just eating too much? Not everyone needs 2000 calories a day.

If your looking to add calories, sugar water is probably the least filling way to do so and it’s readily available in massive amount of flavors. Just don’t drink too much at once and overload your insulin system.

That said, are you sure you want more?

I always split my pitcher into 5 servings so they are 400 calories each.

Multiple small servings throughout the day is better for your body then fewer big servings.

I usually only drink 4 servings a day for a total of 1600 calorie intake. Every other day I skip 1 serving and eat a 600-800 calorie solid meal instead which puts me alternating between 1600 and 1800/2000. After a couple weeks when you begin to notice your changes in your body because of Hunger and Nutriants being depleted then you should not really stick to any type of schedule. You should be able to tell when your body needs another serving, not according to a clock. Extra activity in your normal routine will make you need your serving sooner because your body needs it. As long as your not forcing yourself to drink a serving when your body is not hungry/weak then you can not go wrong. Just listen to your body.

Yes, the nausea comes from volume I believe, not from content.

Thats an interesting idea but I am not looking to add calories that way, I have switched back to a non-soylent diet for now.

[quote=“SoylentGrey, post:7, topic:25808, full:true”]Thats an interesting idea but I am not looking to add calories that way, I have switched back to a non-soylent diet for now.[/quote]If your not looking to add calories, then why are you worried about feeling full?

Thank you all for responding. As to Paul’s question, no, I am not trying to consume more than 2000 calories. I am actually unable to get 2000 kilocalories (one bag) of soylent down a day, at least in 400 kilocalories sittings. I think Void’s solution might be a way to go. Mell’s idea of adding sugar water hadn’t occurred to me but I am keen to avoid the very problem they noted about insulin problems which can of course lead to diabetes. No, in truth if anything I am just unable to comfortably take in large meals. However a simple test demonstrated to me that is is not the volume of soylent in a sitting the impedes me. I can drink the same volume of water as one soylent meal without feeling full. But when it is soylent I feel very full, uncomfortably so, sick even. I am fairly certain I am not allergic as I can take smaller portions and have had no indications of allergic reaction and what might I have been allergic to at that, I have no food allergy that I know of. The reason I am concerned about getting a full days meal is to avoid nutrient deficiencies and to prevent me from dropping in weight.

[quote=“SoylentGrey, post:9, topic:25808”]The reason I am concerned about getting a full days meal is to avoid nutrient deficiencies and to prevent me from dropping in weight.[/quote]Then you want more calories and vitamins?

I wasn’t asking if you were trying to consume more than 2000 calories. I was suggesting that 2000 calories a day, or 400 calories at a time, might be too much for you.

But hey, sorry it‘s making you feel this way. Have you tried having smaller portions when you feel hungry, and stopping before you feel uncomfortably full?

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Ah now I see, and thank you for your sympathy Paul. To be honest I hadn’t considered that. I had used a caloric needs calculator and it suggested 2500 kilocalories a day. But it might well be wrong. In fact I notice this with certain food kinds: volume x of broccoli will somehow feel much more filling than volume x of fruit, at least in my experience. And yes Mell, I am concerned that I am under nourishing myself and especially wish to avoid vitamin and micro nutrient deficiency. Then again, I have no signs that I can tell of begin as such… I suppose it’s back to the food database, maybe with linear programming I can find my answer for an ideal diet.

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Those calculators are estimates. As is the RDA. The only way to know what works for you is to try it.

So i would just drink until your full and see how that goes. If you find yourself losing weight or come up with other malnutrition symptoms, then make adjustments. Add some sugar water and a vitamin supplement for instance.

There’s other competitors as well, you might find one of their formula’s fits you better.

I find Soylent 1.6 thickens as it stands, whereas 2.0 remains very liquid which may be cause of your over full feeling. When I tried 1.6 I could tell it was thicker and more filling than 2.0 and gets thicker and thicker the longer it sits. I personally can’t stand the texture of 1.6, it’s like drinking quicksand.

Add water if you don’t like it thicker. That’s what I’ve done from 1.4 to 1.6. You have to drink extra water anyway.

I would suggest everybody try it and see which you like best.

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Gotcha. There could of course be something going on with your digestive system that makes you feel oddly full after eating some foods — obviously don’t take our opinions as the final word, feel free to investigate further/talk to your doctor.

I wouldn’t worry to much about your “ideal diet” though. If your weight, body fat percentage and cholesterol is in the healthy ranges and reasonably steady, and you don’t have any obvious bad symptoms, then congratulations! You’re healthy! Enjoy it!

Drink it slower. There is no need to drink 400 cal in one sitting if you can’t. I usually just have a bottle near me and drink whenever I feel like it.

I add crushed ice to my Soylent now, I drink it out of a blender bottle. I chew the crushed ice so it’s like I am chewing a meal. It takes longer to eat and I get the chewing action. :slight_smile: