Reducing tooth decay


I’m not good at the science myself. I wonder if one could make a Soylent with minimal tooth decay. As I understand it, tooth decay is caused by carbs and acid. Does this apply to all carbs? Could you add something, like flourine?

Atleast you don’t need to floss.


switching to palatinose as the carb source should help. It is a very slow release carb source so shouldn’t be an issue with tooth decay as it only starts dissolving when it reaches the gut (probably). I wouldn’t add fluorine under any circumstances tho.

Re tooth decay, afaik higher gi carbs will be worse (why sugar is such a problem). You could always make a low carb soylent, in which case tooth decay is no longer an issue. You might need a sweetener such as stevia to make it palatable though (no idea what impact this has on tooth decay though).


Thx. I wouldn’t add flourine either, when I think about it.


Using a straw might help, but I asked my dentist about this on Friday and he said as long as you keep up your brushing habits (twice daily) it should be fine. But he also noted that you still need to floss, even if you aren’t consuming hard foods, the plaque can still form in between your teeth regardless.

Update: it’s worth noting, my soylent has a relatively low carb ratio, I didn’t ask specifically about high carb drinks.


A bit obvious, but I’ll still post it:
It helps a little to rinse your mouth with water after Soylent or food.


As far as I know, it’s about sugar (sucrose), not about carbs per se if it comes to tooth decay.

Any studies showing that maltodextrine causes tooth decay ? I’ve only seen studies about sucrose.


I’ve read this from more than one place, but I’m pretty sure that just by getting the vitamins soylent provides, you shouldn’t have to worry about tooth decay. I’ve read that phosphorous in particular is a big factor in preventing tooth decay along with calcium. I just found this article after doing a quick google search. Maybe this will help a little.


I’ve read that rinsing your mouth twice a day with mouthwash is a tolerable short term replacement for flossing.

The sweetener I use by choice is called Xylitol. It has the useful side effect of killing off one of the two kinds of bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

You can find it as gum or in a granular form that looks and tastes exactly like sugar. It is a substance in a class called ‘sugar alcohols’ that is found in nature (birch sap, corn stalks), not a lab made frankensweetener. It’s the only stuff I’ve found that doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste.

Up to 10g a day are effective against tooth decay, and up to 20g a day is being studied in helping stop bone loss in osteoporosis cases.

The only warning is that your body treats it like soluble fiber and it needs to be introduced into your body gradually over a week or so to prevent soluble fiber’s predictable side effects.

I’m used to it so I can go off it for a week or two then start again with no side effects. My teeth always get scummy feeling faster and my morning breath comes back.

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