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I was just wondering if you’ll ever have a referral program for people who want to promote this product or also make money off it by convincing and making other aware of its existence.

Since I’m a digital marketer as a big part of my living, this was one of the first questions I asked about a month ago. I was told that they weren’t planning on it at this time, but it didn’t sound like the door was closed. Obviously I encouraged them to give it serious consideration. :slight_smile:

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:stuck_out_tongue: The amount of publicity your videos have resulted in would put you on the top of the payroll in that case @vanclute

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LOL well I certainly am doing my best to be well positioned for that in case it ever happens. But more than anything we just want Soylent to thrive and grow and be here forever so that we can continue to throw money at them! :wink:

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At this point they have greater demand than they are able to satisfy effectively. Once their core of customers are all steadily receiving their product, and they’re finally able to fulfill new orders immediately, then they might start being interested in expanding their base of customers and increasing demand by implementing things like referral programs. But until then, it wouldn’t make sense to spend money now trying to encourage a massive influx of customers who’d all have to wait 3 months to receive their Soylent.

What’s interesting about their business is that the customers pay them every month. It’s not like an iPhone that you buy once every two years or so. Every time they sign up a new customer, there’s a good chance that customer will stay with them over time and pay them $255 every month. And there are currently no real direct competitors in this market for customers to switch to. $255 is about what people with a phone contract pay to buy a new smartphone. And Soylent customers will all be paying that… Every. Single. Month. This has the potential to become a very lucrative business.

Agreed… and since this is food we’re talking about - something people simply cannot go without - it has a potential “stickiness” that is nearly unheard of.

If they ever do an affiliate program that involves monetary compensation, then there is the potential for it to be a recurring payment which is pretty unusual for a large-scale operation like this. Speaking as an affiliate for many other products over the years, if they did a one-time commission it might be much less appealing to be significant resources behind my promotions. On the other hand, I might not mind being paid in Soylent! LOL

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In all seriousness, I don’t think that’d be a bad idea, and the perceived value would be higher. Giving you a month worth of Soylent would be cheaper for them then giving you $255.

I’d also like to see a “gift Soylent” button on this forum.

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Yeah I’m actually not really even joking about that. At current consumption rates our monthly Soylent is costing a bit more than $500, so being paid in Soylent certainly does amount to something that makes a difference. Of course, if one were to refer say 400 paying customers to Soylent, then… maybe it would feel a little disproportionate. But heck it’s gotta start somewhere! =D

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If they ever decided to go the referral program route, then paying with Soylent would be far cheaper than paying with cash, because even though Soylent currently costs customers $9.11 a day to buy, it’s probably far cheaper than that to produce.

A referral program might work, although the selling point of the product isn’t necessarily the taste, especially at first. But it is the kind of thing where it’d be helpful to know someone who already has some and will let you try it.

I guess it could also just be in grocery stores one day, just like everything else. There aren’t many $255 items at a grocery store though. Plus I’d think anyone would prefer home delivery anyway - who’d want to drive to the grocery store if they could avoid it?

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Ya, right now it would be hard to refer anyone with a 2-3 month wait for your stuff.

This thread doesn’t really belong in the “DIY Soylent” category. I’d recommend moving it. :smile:

I’m not used to this type of forum.


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I’d be fine with a referral program as long as it does NOT turn into a Multi-Level Marketing thing. If it does, I’m out and off of Soylent.

Oh heck no… NO MLM. I don’t think they would ever contemplate something like that anyway.

not only that, having a referral program would increase revenues, in turn driving the cost to manufacture even lower. the more they purchase ingredients, costs go down. basic economic principles in play here.

I know this is an old thread but there is a referral program now but it is only to give a discount to any new subscribers from a friend. There is no reward for the person giving the referral. The new subscriber gets 50% off their first 12 pack ($14.50 off) so you only pay $14.50. No one on this thread has mentioned that if you order more than a 12 pack you still get the $14.50 off any other amounts.

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