Refrigerate opened soylent pouch / oil?


For my first Soylent experience, I started with a single meal instead of a full day, as suggested. What do I do with the rest of the powder in the pouch the rest of the oil in the bottle? Do they need to be refrigerated? I assume the answer is no since they are not marked as “Refrigerate after opening” but want to confirm. Thanks!


Soylent powder should be ok as long as it is kept dry. Not sure about the oil, but if it isn’t marked, it shouldn’t need to be refrigerated.


I believe when I get mine, I’m simply going to make the full pitcher and portion it out from there. Not saying your way is wrong, but the full pitcher seems like a great way to go.

Let us know how you like it.


When I travel I do the single serving option. Granted an opened bag or bottle isn’t out for more than a week but I have not seen any need to refrigerated the powder or the oil.


@Melon_Collie, the only issue with that is once you add water, it doesn’t keep as well. It would be wise to check your pitcher before consuming if it is more than 2 days old. Some would check it after 24 to 36 hours just to be on the safe side. Whats good for you is also good for microbes.


Point well taken @Matt88. I’m hoping that a full pitcher will cover me for a whole day, so I should be OK.


Here’s a summary of the response I got from Soylent support:

  • Once your bag of Soylent has been opened it has a shelf life of 2 weeks as long as it is kept in a cool environment.
  • The bottle of oil will stay good for 2 days after it is opened.

I was somewhat surprised by this given the lack of markings on the bottle. I even asked, specifically, if the oil would last longer if refrigerated and was told, “It is possible to stay good for 3 days if refridgerated but we suggest throwing it out after 2 days of being opened.”