Refrigerator and 1.6 powder

I only want to drink Soylent once per day at home.

If make a pitcher on Monday can I drink it throughout the week?

How long will it last in the fridge if it’s made?

Also, if I mix up some Soylent can I take it with me on a long, hot hike? How long does the mixed drink last without refrigeration?

Officially, 48 hours. I’ve pushed four days before without issue, but I generally finish off a pitcher in 2-3 days.

I’m not sure. If you use an insulated container (like a thermos) you can pretty easily get 12+ hours out of it, especially if you don’t mind adding some ice. How would you feel taking a glass of milk on a long, hot hike? Treat it similarly to that, IMO.


That helps.

Now I understand why people prefer the pre-made bottles.


You can also just mix up single drink in a Blender Bottle (or whatever brand). Mixing 2000cal at a time is easier, but its not much harder to do a single meals worth at a time. When I’ve done this, I think 1.5 cups of powder was about right for 3 meals out of a bag (667cal each).

If you put chilled 1.6 in this bottle, 8 hours later its still chilled. If you add ice, it will stay chilled for 12-14 hours. Soylent 1.6 will still taste fine after 4-6 hours at room temperature.

On the other hand, 2.0 isn’t going to go bad as long as its sealed in the bottle, but it will be warm.

Easiest way to consume 1.6 on the go is leave the powder in a blender bottle, mix with water when your ready to consume.


Going off of what Naten suggested above, one plausible option for hiking might be a Blender Bottle with a ProStak compartment: You can put your 1.6 powder in the compartment and your water in the bottle; then you can mix it only when you’re ready to drink and won’t need to worry about spoilage. However, the blender bottle doesn’t provide insulation, so the water won’t be an ideal temperature for tasty Soylenting after a hot hike.

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Old thread, but yeah, last I checked Soylent said to drink powder within 48 hours. I’ve stretched it to 4 days from time to time with no problems, as far as I know.