Refund for recent order


Okay so I didn’t realize it’s going to take 10-12 weeks to get my order. I suppose I should have done a bit more research on that part, but one would think that an extremely long delivery date would might be something you want highlight on the order page rather than just blending it with everything else. Anyway, by the time it would arrive here I’m planning to move across the country, so this is a no-go. How would I go about getting a refund?


I have also recently cancelled a subscription and would like a refund for the initial payment I made.




I contacted them but they don’t seem to be responding.


Have you tried talking to @JulioMiles ?


They’re swamped with emails. I guarantee that they will get to your refund request, although it may take a week. Tagging Julio, as has already been done, is also helpful.


I have been trying to get in contact with them for over a month to cancel and request a refund. I have yet to get any response. @JulioMiles, please help me get this taken care of before any product actually ships.


I have a coworker who also has tried to contact them for over a month. I’ve been holding off on my order because in this day in age, paying $250 for something to show up in 3-4 months is just not acceptable. First world problems.


You contributed to a cause, you didn’t buy a product.


Pretty sure it’s a product.


Instead of getting a refund on your mistaken order you could try to change your delivery address. The original post does not make any mention of being against Soylent so this seems like the route to take.


The issue is that I’m not %100 sure of when I will move, only that I will move within the timeframe that the order will come in, so it’s just as likely as it will arrive before I leave. It would be easier to tell if I had a specific amount of days of when it will ship, but 2 weeks is a fairly large margin.


I see. Best of luck then. Emails are typically answered within 7-10 days.


@JulioMiles I’m trying to get a refund for my subscription order before my reorder ships. I sent an email yesterday, but haven’t heard back yet.

Edit: all set


I got an e-mail last night saying my refund has been issued.


I emailed, on August 7 2014, and requested a refund. I got no response.

Yesterday (08/28/14), I got an email requesting I confirm my shipping address for when the shipment is eventually sent. The email stated to respond to it if requesting a refund.

I responded to that email, again requesting a refund. I got an auto-responder back saying that they are swamped with emails and will respond when they can. That is not responsive. This whole thing is beginning to seem like a pyramid scheme. Customers are charged immediately, few orders are processed relative to the order volume and customers are just told to wait months.

There does not appear to be an adequate mechanism in place to honestly respond to disgruntled customers which would simply like to get a refund and get off the merry go round.


That would be to tag @JulioMiles or @MattCauble here.


Try emailing instead. That’s their primary contact address.


Thanks, but I have emailed them, twice. They certainly had no problem immediately charging my credit card with my original order. Too bad they are playing that they have no viable refund mechanism.

Seems like a Ponzi scheme now. I had hoped to resolve this amicably. Oh well.


@MattCauble @JulioMiles, again–