Refund please thanks


I purchased a month supply one night when I wasn’t really thinking about it too well and then I realized what was inside of the product. I cancelled my subscription the very next day andI’ve received an email saying that they would refund my money within 5 to 7 business is the 8th business day and I have even tried calling rosa labshowever it appears that there are no humans you can speak to. I have sent four emails asking about this and I have not received a return email. when I originally inquired about buying the product they responded within 5 minutes and now I can’t get a response in 5 days. If I don’t hear anything back I’m going to dispute the purchase with my bank.


@rob @soylent am I doing it right?


As a guy who has been around these forums for a long time, I can promise you they will give you a refund. They have had a very slow customer service lately, combined with that seems like a huge mess-up during Christmas where a ton of orders didn’t get shipped. (or so it would seem from the amount of posts popping up during and after Christmas.)

At the same time they are transitioning to faster production facility and increasing staff for customer service. :slight_smile:

I would say there is a chance it could be a day or three before Soylent responds (worst case), but nothing would be wrong with you just disputing the purchase if you can’t wait and need the money back sooner (if that is faster and easier for you)

:smiley: question: what did you think was in the product, and what made you change your mind specifically?


The main ingredient is multidextrin and it’s high glycemic index caused me to second guess my purchase. Thanks for the reassurance. I’d rather not talk to the bank any more than I have to :slight_smile:


It’s not really that bad as some think. It’s not the best either. But compared to pure sugar it is far better. (I think one of the best options would have been “tropica” which I heard many speak fondly about) perhaps a later version of Soylent may use a better carb source.


Rob was quoted as saying that Soylent as a whole has a low glycemic index. Can’t find the exact quote right now but I’m sure someone will be able to link to it.


I just received an email saying it will be done in five to ten days. Perhaps I am just too paranoid of being ripped off XD


Not at all-- Rosa Labs has a horrid record right now, with regards to their early backers and charges. Not even touching on the delivery delays for kickstarter and crowdfunder backers, they kept online order funds for 6+ months before delivering a product (when the original delivery estimate was 10-12 weeks), plus there are no shortage of people complaining about being unable to reach someone via one of the usual contact methods to obtain a refund or sort out a shipping snafu and if you compound that with the apparent increase in problems from the holidays and the increasing delay in order to achieve resolution…

I would not call you paranoid at all.

Sadly, you said “contact my bank” above, so the onus is on you to resolve. The last time I accidentally ordered something using a debit card, the bank told me that I was going to have to eat the loss of funds associated with an order mistake. Banks don’t provide any protection at all. I’ve used a credit card ever since (although, having been poor, I know how difficult it can be to obtain access to reasonable credit. It was a long, several year slog to get my first credit card with a decent limit.)

The only advice I have is to lie to your bank if and when you decide to dispute-- tell them you have no idea how Rosa Labs obtained your debit card information. The bank will investigate-- if Rosa Labs actually responds to the dispute (which would be amazing, wouldn’t it?) they would be able to prove that you ordered it-- but if they don’t respond, then the bank will presume that your lie is the truth and refund the funds. It’s not ethical, but it’s the lesson I learned from my experience. That if I have any relationship with the seller, even if the problem is the seller’s fault, the bank offers zero protection.

I normally counsel patience, even if you’re a credit card buyer. Once you dispute a charge in this way, you may create a problem placing an order with that company ever again (especially with that payment method-- just depends on how good their financial records are.) But, if you don’t ever plan to order from Rosa Labs, then there is really no reason not to dispute immediately. (See horrid record above for justification.)

Like @tordenskjold said, they do have a history of eventually responding to refund requests and questions about order mishaps… It used to be no more than a couple of days to get a response here, but especially the last 3-4 weeks the response delays have been growing more substantial.

I would let your plans to order in the future and your financial needs for an immediate refund dictate your course of action.


From everything I’ve read they have been very good about refunds. Yes, they’ve had some issues and lately they haven’t been as responsive as they should be, but they definitely aren’t a shady company looking to rip you off.

Also, banks issue credit cards, so I don’t know why you would automatically assume he ordered with a debit card. If I have an issue with my credit card, I call my bank.


I just got the refund! I am very happy right now.


I have had such mixed emotions with Soylent. When I heard of Soylent I was so thrilled I subscribed right away then when I waited four months only to be told I was going to be delayed indefinitely, I asked for my money back. Let’s be real, it is pretty expensive so I was pretty happy to see those funds back in my checking account.

Around that time, I was finishing college so I said f*ck it, I will just grocery shop now that I have more free time. Now several months later, I am sick of grocery shopping every week and I am back to burgers every day. The point is I wish I had stuck it out and not got a refund because now that I want back in, I have to start all over. It has been so frustrating I went to a Soylent competitor just until I get Soylent going.