Refused entry to Canada

So there we are, innocently bringing a month of Soylent 1.3 across the border into rain-soaked Canada. I’ve done this a few times in the past, and it’s never been an issue.

But this time… This time, the border guards just freak out. I’m fairly sure they took an instant dislike to us, and spent the next two hours looking for a reason to prevent us from bringing it across, as we sat patiently on their glossy plastic chairs.

As the minutes crawled by, other guards would get sucked in by the situation’s gravity and the group assessing it slowly grew. At one point we heard them discussing “soylent green”.

Two hours later, we approached the shielded divider.

You can’t bring it across, he said. It fielded tested positive for amphetamines. We’re exercising our right to keep one bag and one bottle and ship them to Health Canada. You need to take the rest back to the USA. I don’t recommend you try to bring them across another border crossing, or your goods and vehicle will be seized and your record marked.*

I asked if Health Canada would contact me, but he told me they wouldn’t and that they may not even contact the border guards. And that it will take at least 8 weeks.

After that, it was back to the border line to the USA, where we explained the situation, and they were quite friendly.

All in all, it took us a respectable three hours to get back into Canada, and no Soylent to show for it.

* not exact quotes


They just wanted to try it themselves; “shipping to Health Canada” my butt. Border guards (and police-types in general) can often be total idiots. (much like the rest of humanity. lol)

Stick to mail - it’s pricier but safer. :confused:


Of course they wanted to try it for themselves. You don’t ask people to bring back to the US what you think is illegal drugs.

Plus the Health Canada bit makes no sense at all, it’s not in their mandate at all to do that.

Some border officers are thugs with badges but with even less regulations than the rest of thugs with badges we have and that’s saying much!

As for being more expensive through shipping we may reduce that substantially if Rosa Labs gives us our certificates of origin.


I wonder if this is true… Did they show you the test or was this just their claim? If it is true, this could be a false positive… If it isn’t
@Soylent could you test if a false positive is normal with Soylent?

It’s funny this is the first time someone has reported something like this… Did you get their informations? I recommend looking into it further… Perhaps giving someone a call.

I see you are unfamiliar with North American borders. It doesn’t have the shadow of a chance of beings true.

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This is true :3 since I am Danish

You probably read about the TSA, right?

Border control is the exact same kind of insane, just to a lesser degree.

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I can confirm that. A friend of mine was a border guard (Niagara Falls area) for years. He eventually left to go back to the Army, because he refused to be a part of that culture any longer.

I mean, sheesh.

And it’s nothing compared to what our cops can get away with.

Drag a 74 woman out of her car and beat her up because she “looked drunk”, one day of suspension! (Quite literally, just one day)

Despite all the romantic images, Canada is not North America’s Scandinavia.

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For anyone else trying to do this, the relevant body is actually the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (not Health Canada) and they have said that Soylent is fine to bring into Canada.

The CFIA suggested printing off this pdf and bringing it with you to show the Canadian Border Services agents:


It’s neither, they claimed it’s illegal drugs.

While we are on the topic of borders, here’s my favourite interaction with a guard who was actually a pretty sweet guard.

I was coming back from the US with friends, crossing into Ontario and we were asked if we bought things in the US. Turns out the driver bought lots of artisanal sex toys in the US (mostly furry stuff). So he answers “novelties”. The guard asks “sex toys?”. “Yes sir!” my friend replies. Then the guard had him list the stuff he bought.

During the whole time, the guard was totally unfazed. I expected him to be puzzled but no, he’s seen other stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary there. He only asked at the end if it was latex (I suppose he wanted to know if the material was legal in Canada).

Then he asked if we had alcohol. “Yes sir! We have beer.”

“How much” he asks? “Five bottles, sir!”

“Why five?” he inquires.

“Well… We have a friend in the US who said he wanted to taste Canadian beer because he never had any so I brought a six pack but he didn’t like it so I brought back the remaining.”

And this is the point where the guard lost it.



@altef: Which border crossing was this, for others of us who might benefit from the forewarning?

Alternatively, if you’re not comfortable indicating whereabouts you are, could you say (for my sake) whether this was the Tsawwassen–Point Roberts crossing in B.C.?


haha gotta love it!

I once crossed the border (rainbow bridge, Niagara Falls) while sitting on the roof of a car (legs thru sunroof) while wearing a toga with a party ball sitting in my lap. Guards made sure we weren’t drunk (“Nope, but that’s the plan!”), laughed, and let us thru.

Things have really changed at the border since the 80s, let me tell you!

(it was the Abbo/Sumas crossing)

Though it is the closest North America will be to having a Scandinavia. (Discounting Greenland)


Government is incompetent at everything, including securing the imaginary lines on the ground. It’s likely they just wanted to steal your food under false pretense. Governments attract the worst sociopaths with promises of unchecked power and lack of accountability. Monopolies have no incentive to service their customers, and governments, being monopolies, are no different.

I call bullsh** on this. I just drove to the border to pick up 10 cases of Soylent Drink I had delivered to Rydens in Grand Marais MN. I had no issue whatsoever. Border agents were very nice, even cheerful. After entering the US it took me literally 10 minutes to get back into Canada :canada: with my Soylent. No tax and no duty. Saved over $100 CAD by getting it myself.

This was two and a half years ago, before it was available in Canada. It
definitely happened though (I may still have the paper work somewhere…).
There’s a great deal of variance between border guards and the resulting
experiences, as I’m sure you know.


Thats crazy! I just get it shipped now but I used to go pick it up in the US, never had any issues. Ive actually never had a single issue at the border yet. Only what I would call some idiotic conversations on the US side with really clueless custom officers but I just stay polite and they let me through.