Regarding soylent marketing

RF should think about pictures of pasting pictures of grains/fruit/veggies on the soylent bottle and the powder bags. The current plain white look of the bottle could reinforce the idea that it is ‘lab made’. Although it is better than normal food :slight_smile: the idea that it has been created in a lab or factory could keep some people away from trying it.

And the whiteness of the bottle will only add to that.

Another thing, quite a few people often stay away from foods if they think those foods are GMO. But no people eat foods ‘because’ they are GMO. So RF putting up banners that it is ‘pro- GMO’ will mis-fire on RF, as it will turn people away who dont yet know that soylent is GMO, while not attracting any new people like i mentioned in my second sentence. Although soylent is completely safe even though its GMO, running around telling people that soylent is GMO is still not wise :slight_smile:

Edit: Only if if it is legal to add pictures of fruits/veggies of course. I am not sure how the laws are in the states.

Not related to soylent marketing, but i didn twant to create another thread jus fopr this. I wonder when is soylent coming to countries like india. Cant wait to try it.

Or is it too early to ask? :neutral_face:

I think that part of the secret of Soylent’s success is that its strange distinctiveness helps us consumers construct a unique identity, which in a world bursting with people is increasingly essential – if you aren’t unique, you are lost.

To that end, the white, lab look of the bottle is just perfect. We holders of the white bottles worship the purity and the sterility of laboratory conditions; science is our God.

This is one reason Soylent should strive to include ingredients that are exotic, with forbidding, scientific names. We are not frightened by science – we are exhilarated by it.


Adding pics of fruits/veggies/grains/whatever will just make Soylent look like every other ‘smoothie’ bottle at the grocery store, probably better to keep it honest in it’s own way. You make a fair point as a good portion of the US is currently anti-science (can’t believe I had to type that) but I’m not sure there is any marketing message RL can curate for those people.


This thread is not about marketing but bottle design. Which is fine. The design of the bottle is okay because it is unique.
The way this product is marketed and advertised is horrible though. It seems they are trying to target some sort of trendy youth market that cares more about Dolce and Gabbana than they do Deoxyribonucleic Acid.

The whole “made in a lab” thing is a huge part of Soylent’s entire identity, and it’s deliberate. Soylent contains no fruits of vegetables, so in fact I could see them getting into trouble because they show something on the bottle that isn’t even remotely contained within. Sort of the reverse of the “soy” in the name, which ended up requiring them to put soy lecithin in the product in order to be allowed to bring it to market because the name said “soy” but the product originally contained none (wish I could find the link to that discussion now but I can’t). Silly but there ya go…

And yeah the “marketing” such as it is, is a different thing entirely. I have yet to see any outside of this forum actually but what I’ve seen people share in here did nothing to impress or inspire me on any level.

Not a fan of fruits and vegetables. Putting those on the bottle would kill my appetite.