Reintroducing Meat


Has anyone been using Soylent for an extended period of time and reintroduced meat into their diets?

I have been googling the topic primarily with regards to vegetarians who have gone years without eating meat, but the results are far from conclusive.

Results vary from “no problem” to “severe indigestion” with the happy medium being “tummy ache.”

While I want to do Soylent for the long haul I still love meat, especially a good filet mignon or rack of baby back ribs. I am planning on having meat maybe once every week or two just to satisfy my inner carnivore as well as keep my gut flora on its toes. Of course overloading on meat like this has its downsides, which is why I will keep it to a minimum which I did prior to Soylent anyway.

But I am still interested to hear what results anyone has had.


Good question, I am curious as well. I haven’t been using Soylent long enough to run into this issue yet though.