Release notes waste


Having a two week subscription I get two copies of the current release notes a month. So right now I’ve got 2 copies of the 1.4 release notes. And next month I’ll have four copies unless I throw these away.

It would consume less resources to ship one copy of the release notes per customer, per version. And I would like to be able to opt out of receiving printed release notes. I’d rather get an email or check the blog or forum.


I get 5 weeks and I get 5 notes a month. It can be useful if you want a friend to try a pouch then you hand them a booklet.

It does seem like a waste. I already know what is going on with Soylent. Subscribers should be able to opt out of the booklets and get that info in an E-Mail like you mentioned.


Seconded(thirded); it was the first thing I thought of when I opened my second shipment.


These pamphlets are perfect for giving to friends or acquaintances. So many people express scepticism about Soylent; it would be great if all sceptics at least had access to accurate information. Also, I think the pamphlets are cool souveniers.