Reminder for Soylent users, possibly TMI


I’ve been on my homebrewed version of soylent for about a week and a half now. I’m no longer consuming it exclusively, but I was for the first couple days. During this period, I was chewing a lot of gum to at least partially satisfy the urge to chew something, and as has been my habit for years, I was swallowing it without thinking.

This is headed exactly where you think it is.

Basically, after all the solid food from before I started the diet left my system, there was presumably only one thing left: a big hunk of polyisobutylene. Passing this was, erm, an ordeal. Ordinarily, it isn’t noticeable, but ordinarily the gum is <1% of the solid matter in my stomach at any given time. Without (much) normal poop as a vector, the polymer (which isn’t digested) is just as gummy coming out as it is going in. It felt at times like I was blowing a bubble.

Moral: if you’re on a liquid diet, don’t swallow your gum.

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Good Info, Thanks


I feel bad for laughing! xD

But thanks very much, I’ll not forget that


Oh, even I think it’s hilarious in retrospect; not so much at the time. Rookie mistake.


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Thanks for mentioning this. I’m sure I would have made the same mistake eventually. Plus it makes for a good laugh.


Definitely would have happened to me, especially since once I start my own test I will continue chewing gum all the time, to keep the teeth working and intact.
So, thanks!


I too feel bad for laughing.


Pretty sure you just made my life with this post.


Took a moment to stop laughing, I am sorry this happened to you. A good cautionary tale if you don’t like blowing bubbles out your dark side. Sounds like something the guys from Jackass would do.


I know it’s old, but I just had to bump it. Too funny.


Gizmodo just posted a poop article. I think this is probably the best thread to put it in. :smiley:


I know this thread is old, but it’s the closest thing we’ve got to an “official” poop thread, so here goes:

@vanclute - Would you be willing to put some food dye in one of your official Soylent meals and… Umm… Let us know how long it takes to reach the end of the tracks? I’m morbidly curious about how long it takes to digest.

Edit: Green food coloring. It should probably be green. /s

Blue would probably be best. Red might give you a bit of a scare!


You were not asking me, but I have some relevant information.

Some googling indicated that food takes about 18 hours at most for a full trip through the race track. Sometimes less. Earlier this week I was experimenting with some DIY and got the fiber/sulfur content wrong, and it took at little as four hours.

Remember, your small intestines are about 20 feet long and liquids should travel quickly through them, probably quite quickly if there is an irritant like I had in my ill-fated DIY recipe.


Thanks for the info @snowman. :slight_smile:

I always thought it was something like 12 hours, but that was likely my attempt to relate it to the length of a day.

I know I’ve definitely had things traverse my guts in far less time. :frowning: I’m wondering if the liquid nature of Soylent will make it travel significantly faster than “normal” food or if the high fiber count really slows it down.



Wouldn’t the coloring just get absorbed though? I mean, we consume things with colorings in them all the time and I’ve never noticed them come out the other end in those colors…

I suppose I could be persuaded to perform such a test since, you know, it’s for science & all. But would it really work?



Poop log, Day 4

Mixing different food coloring into your food makes for a fascinating way to track exactly how long it takes for food to migrate through the digestive process. The green food coloring started showing up in my poo yesterday morning, but what’s fascinating is that it’s still showing up. Now, though, there’s also purple. I’m not posting a picture, though; you’ll have to be content with the description that it is difficult to describe. Imagine something like a comic book drawing of the Hulk wearing his trademark purple pants and running really fast with lots of motion blur—just a whole lot of purple and green all kind of blurred together.

So, maybe @lee_ars could weigh in on this too?


If we’re talking about whether or not food coloring makes your poops turn awesome colors, then the answer is dependent on how much food coloring you add. If you add, say, half of an entire little squeeze-bottle so that the pictures of the Soylent you’re taking for your review are nice and super-colorful…then, yes, you will shit out incredible abstract art.

In more moderate doses, the effects will likely be less striking.


Or, you could aim for performance art. Social commentary yadda yadda yadda conspicuous consumption whatever: