Reorder not shipped for over a month


I placed a reorder on 2 December which has still not shipped. I have contacted Soylent by email, twitter, and discourse PM to no avail, and have not received anything other than an auto generated response email. I will be calling my credit card company this week to see how I can obtain a refund. Are people reordering having the same problems?


They are working hard to increase their customer support, now that you posted this thread, it is much more likely they will fix it faster (sadly)

Do you want the order more than a refund? (I am not customer support sadly, but I imagine they might wanna know when they notice your post)

Tagging @Soylent for you.


It will depend on when it ships. I’m in the middle of moving, and I’m only temporarily at the address I ordered it to. If they can ship in the next few days, I’ll still want the order, otherwise I’ll need to cancel until I’m settled into my more permanent address.

This is a good product, but the customer service and fulfillment capacity needs to be upgraded pronto.


@bbanner @Soylent

I came to this forum specifically to see if anyone else was having this problem. I re-ordered Soylent on December 15th (with same e-mail) and thought THAT was a long time, looks like you’ve had a much longer wait.

I am still holding out hope that someone will get to us, though - I really want to continue using Soylent and do not want a refund. Seems like coming to the forums is sort of a last resort since we only receive form replies through official channels.


Just received notification from @Soylent that my order will ship shortly (including tracking number), but it was for 7 instead of 14 bags. Waiting to hear back on that being fixed.


They also had the order number, ship dates, and address wrong. Oops. Resent to soylent.


Made my first reorder on the 22nd of December. I gave them a little of a pass considering the holidays, but they are well past their ‘working day’ shipment times. I’m not near as behind as you are, though. PM’d @soylent with no response.

What sucks is that I took my time, stepping up to 3 a day and now I’m going to have to start over again when my shipment comes. I can appreciate how much demand there is, but they need to be more open about true shipping times. Getting my first batch took 5 months!


On a related note, I’m a returning customer and I ordered another Starter Kit about month ago due to the seal on my first pitcher breaking, and I have not received a shipping notification yet. I emailed them 2 weeks ago with no response. I PM’d them also with no response. I would like this addressed immediately @Soylent


Don’t toss the old pitcher, it’s still good. You can get replacement gaskets at $1.99 for two sets of rings.

I’ve proactively ordered a set, but have not had any problems yet with the seven pitchers I have on hand.


Latest update - just received the following from Soylent, so hopefully I’ll be all set in a few days:

Thanks for contacting us.

Please accept our apologies for the trouble you’ve had getting a resolution/answers to your questions. I’ll be accessible for you if you have any other questions, etc.

The email you recently received was an erroneous duplicate sent automatically by our distributing partner. We’re currently researching the issue.

In regards to your upcoming 2-week order, it is scheduled to ship in 2-3 business days. You’ll receive the correct shipping notification via email shortly after it ships; in about 3-4 business days. Also, I confirmed that we have your Nashua address for the shipment.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reaching out. Let me know if you have any questions.


@MMWong – Your Soylent has been scheduled to ship within 5-7 business days. The tracking number will be emailed. Thanks for letting us know.

@JMurphy Apologies for the delay on your starter kit – expect the tracking number in 2-3 business days. Thanks!


After waiting more than 6 months from when I ordered my first shipment I got my two week supply and began introducing it into my diet. By the time I got through my first 7 bags I ordered another 2 weeks worth.
I’s been 4 weeks since I placed that order and all I’ve received are form letters telling me I should have received my reorder in 1-2 weeks.
So now I’m out of soylent, eating crap for breakfast again and wondering how long it’ll be before this whole thing become litigious, because, when I read these posts I realize I’m one of many frustrated people.
@Soylent How do we get an actual reply telling us how long we’re going to wait?


YIKES!! I’ve been too busy to pay attention, but it’s almost been 3 months and my reorder has not arrived nor have I been notified of a shipment date. I purchased my 14 day resupply on November 16th and contacted @Soylent on December 17th asking what the delay might be. So far, I’ve heard nothing. I’m 5 days short of a 3 month wait on a reorder. My first reorder showed up exactly as expected and the communication was clear and quick. This time around, I guess I’m winning the prize for the longest wait.

@Soylent, what can I do about this?



You’re not alone. I placed my reorder Nov 19 and will finally receive it tomorrow (after sending emails, tweets, and posts here). They just secured some major funding and plan to expand to try to meet demand. Why it took so long? I have no idea.


@Soylent Maybe its better for me to mention this now… I have a 1 month order on January 2nd; I received my first order and I have a 1 week subscription but purchased a (one time) month supply (on top of 7 bag recurrent). I had the impression that all orders made from those that received their first supply would only have to wait 1-2 weeks.

I know that others have been waiting longer so this makes me a little concerned. If it’s a reorder, why are others waiting much longer than 1-2 weeks? Makes me wonder if it’ll take me 3 months to get my order.

Please correct this. Thank you.

Edit: I used the same email that appears on this account. (and same email as my first order)

Order #45589


I re-started a fresh subscription and had a shipment confirmation within two weeks. I imagine they’re going through a transitional period so that they can up the production and shipping. RL will make everything right, so just need to be a bit patient.


To close the circle on this - I received my 2 x 1.3 version yesterday.


My subscription started in November.

Subscription started/first charge: November 11
Shipped: November 20 (9 days… perfectly reasonable considering they say it could be two weeks+.)

Charge: December 17
Shipped: December 18 (Sweet spot! Almost next-day shipping, this is the way it should be.)

Charge: January 14
Shipped: N/A (It’s January 22 right now, which means at least 8 days since charging, no shipping. And last month’s supply is gone.)

The other strange thing is that I swear that I had a customer portal account, but it couldn’t find me. I had to re-register. As soon as I did, all my info was there. Odd.

I’ve been through similar “growing pains” shipping issues with other products, specifically Standdesk. My suggestion to them is the same I’ll make to @Soylent - keep a dialog with the customer, individually, regarding their situation.

This doesn’t mean constantly emailing back and forth. What it does mean is that one the customer portal, I have charge dates, but no info on shipping. I had to look back in my email to see when things were shipped.

There should be a place where I can see when I was charged, when an order shipped (and if it hasn’t, an expected date of shipment), what it’s shipping number is, and so forth. Look at Amazon for example. “Where’s my order?” is one of the most common pages I visit.

Most importantly, we’re a forgiving bunch, as we want this to succeed. If a shipping date is slipping, let us know. “Expected Shipping: Unknown” is better than nothing. Better would be “Expected Shipping: Unknown (see blog post)” with a blog post about how a supplier is late or whatever.

It’s all about perceived transparency or lack thereof. We all get to read the blog post about how you have $20 million in new funding and are upping manufacturing times 50. That’s great! But it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t have any Soylent in my pantry and no expectation of when I will.

Keep customers informed on shipping issues. Give us a place to look up “Where’s my order?”

Thank you… I’ll step off my high horse now. :racehorse:


I am amazed that a simple email can not be sent to customers. I received my first subscription order just fine then was charger Jan 14 and have yet to receive my second shipment or an email or anything to even to acknowledge that I exist. Seem kind of arrogant. Maybe the investors who just dropped $20 mil on them should read some of these posts. I get the growing pains but it is absolutely insulting that their approach is to just ignore customers until they go away.


@Soylent I was charged on 12/21 and again on 01/14 for $255.00. I have not received either order, or shipping confirmation. I was promised follow up within 24 hours, but that hasn’t happened either. Please refund the $255.00 for December and ship my 28 bag order from January - Please follow up with me soon, or I will seek assistance in gaining my refund. Thank you.