Reorder not shipped


@soylent I placed a re-order (not a subscription) on 10/27 and the email said to expect it to ship in 1-2 weeks… so far I haven’t heard anything. Does the 1-2 week shipping policy for re-orders only apply to subscriptions?


You have to tag @soylent to get their attention.


I am waiting for a re-order too. Hopefully I get 1.2


Same. Charged Oct 29, and I’m down to my last bag of 1.0

EDIT: I’m on subscription and just got e-mail about shipment for 1.2
Thanks @Soylent !


Me too! What is kind of funny is I saw your post before the e-mail, so thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile: Looking forward to having a regular supply of Soylent. I also am really happy it’s vegan now, because while I am not vegan that truly is the best diet for people and the environment.


Especially the environment, in the long haul.


Just got my email for v1.2 shipping! Thanks @soylent!