Reorder problem: PayPal account has different email address than initial order

I’m not sure if this kind of problem has come up for anyone else so I thought I’d post here and ask:

I’m a backer and received my initial 4 week shipment near the end of June. I’ve just finished it and wanted to reorder so I went to the web page and put in an order for another four weeks. I had to pay by PayPal, however, and my PayPal email is different than the email I used for my initial backer order, and when you pay by PayPal the online ordering system uses your PayPal email and does not give you the chance to enter a different email. So, there’s no way the online ordering system can identify that this is in fact a re-order from a backer that has received Soylent already and put me in the shorter (1-2 week) shipping queue rather than the 4-5 month one.

Has anyone else had and dealt with this problem quickly with Soylent customer support? I’m afraid my e-mail will get lost in the deluge they get and won’t be tended to for a while if ever…

I’ve seen tagging @MattCauble, @ana, and @JulioMiles get quick responses to these kinds of issues for other people so it couldn’t hurt to try it here!

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We’ll make sure that your paypal email address is added to the list of returning customers – thanks for the heads up!

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I have the same problem. My reorder defaulted to my paypal email address which is different than the one I originally purchased soylent with. My reorder was on 8/11.

Hi @glennherman – please PM me your original and paypal email addresses and we’ll get this worked out. Thanks!

I’m in this boat too. I PM’d you @JulioMiles

I know this is an old thread but I had this exact same problem with paypal myself. I was very confused when somebody from this company told me that I hadn’t used the same address for my reorder as for my original order and I didn’t even remember that I had paid with PayPal, and of course nobody mentioned that they had changed the email address I gave to the email address that PayPal gives without so much as informing me. There should be a special procedure for handling paypal payments and if this company doesn’t have a written procedure for Paypal it should write one up right now and give it to all the customer service representatives. The main step should be informing the customer that instead of using the email address that the customer requested this company is opting to use the email address that PayPal specifies. What I say above about PayPal was never explained to me by this company; not one word about PayPal was mentioned; I just deduced it on my own.

Here’s the info I got in my subscription confirmation email:

We track returning customers by email address. If you did not use the same email address as previous Soylent orders, please contact to ensure that your subscription activates within 1-2 weeks.

I had this issue, too, but I simply emailed Soylent support at the same time, noting my original email. They promptly replied and there was no problem - payment went thru and I got my Soylent shipped in a few days. Seemed fine to me.

But I did use the same email address. The company changed it, I never changed it. It’s true that I solved the problem the same way you did, but only after I figured out what the problem was, no thanks to the company.

IDK, doesn’t seem to be a Soylent issue, so much as a customer/PayPal issue. Altho your explanation is a bit weird, so I may be misunderstanding.