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Hey there! So, today I made another order on the Pre-Order site for a months worth of Soylent. I’m not trying to bump up my shipping date, I just want a few months worth on hand at a time, so I bought it figuring it would get shipped once the actual pre-orders are fulfilled. However, checking the backerkit page, there has been no change to what amount I’m getting. I got the confirmation email and have been charged.

My question is, for people presently setting up their next installment, is there a different page established? Is there a chance that my charge and confirmation are a mistake, since the page doesn’t acknowledge the order? I’m not that concerned when I get the order I submitted today, as long as I know it was put in and will get processed.

Adding in @JulioMiles tag, hoping for an accurate answer right off the bat.

I checked in on my backerkit again today, and the second order appeared. I had to set an address and pick add-ons and whatnot as if it was a separate and new account.
Another $255 is going to get me another month and another start kit.
So, those of you wanted to place additional orders, the initial website seems to still be working.


recommend you @ juliomiles…he seems to respond to these types of questions.


I definitely am interested in knowing when an official order website will be ready. I much prefer the “charge when shipped” model for continuing business. I get the idea of charge up front during the backing phase, but I personally expect to have the model change once they get the pre-orders shipped. I will likely delay any reorders until this is in place.


Also hoping to find out the process for re-ordering. My Soylent should arrive today or tomorrow (probably Tomorrow it seems) and I plan to try some, hopefully like it, and immediately order my next month’s supply. Just want to know how exactly we’re supposed to go about that. Thanks!


im concerned that ive seen several times around the forum that reorders should work like clockwork…no issues…i ordered 2 weeks with that confidence that i can reorder and be good to go in a week or 2…then i realized that alot of things that SHOULD have been HAVEN’T been with this company (early phase and all) starting to wonder if i messed up with my plan to order a bit just to see if i like it first…hope i dont end up waiting 3 months for a reorder.


@VadimGod that’s exactly what I thought when I decided to purchase an additional months supply, not only to hopefully jump to an earlier ship date but also to reduce the pressure on reordering. I get the feeling that they are learning many lessons the hard way so you may be right.

I have a feeling there will be Soylent for sale from those that didn’t like it, so that might be an alternative way to get some.


im doing just fine with my DIY…i just dont like making it…not 100% sure im getting everything so eating food just incase…plus its a hassle for me…im a consumer at heart…i like to pay for finished products that i know were thought of and created by people smarter than me with more time to dedicate into making it right…so ill get by on the DIY if there are reorder issues…i just really dont want to!

just checked how many orders there were for 1 week vs 2 weeks…even the upgrade to 2 weeks looks like it was a decent move as there are ALOT more 1 week orders vs 2 weeks…so maybe i did something good…idk…i just want the stuff to come already…either i love it and stick with official soylent…or something doesnt work for me and ill really need to get into figuring out all the nutritional stuff and get together a DIY that i am more confident with…

knowing how i operate…ill probably be sticking with official soylent


I’ve been expecting that reorders won’t go as smoothly as they have been saying, although I really hope that they do. I have 10 weeks coming and will probably reorder within the first 4-6 to be safe (unless everything is looking smooth), if that isn’t good enough I will still have 2-3 months worth of DIY on the shelf to keep me company.

I also like my DIY well enough that I don’t think I’ll leave it behind completely, plus it’s $125 a month cheaper to DIY.


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How do I put in a reorder, my first month is down to 12 packs left? I ordered through the backer kit over a year ago can’t figure out/remember how to make a reorder.


Go to find the size subscription you want. add it. check out and create your account. Be sure to use the same email as your original order and they will see it as a reorder. You should have a fresh supply in about 2 weeks.


I received my first shipment of Soylent last week (a two week supply ordered last year) and now that I have tried it and have seen how good the product really is I want to be sure I can continue using it.

So I went to the Soylent web site and placed a recurring order for a two week supply every month. I placed this order 5 days ago and I have not received any communication from Soylent confirming the order or telling me when to expect shipment. The web site just says reorders are shipped in 1 to 2 weeks. But there was nothing on the site to let me know it recognized my order as a reorder (I had to create a new account).

I have read that they are using the email address to match orders so they can tell if it is a reorder. And I did use the same email account as the original order so I guess they have a chance at knowing it is a reorder. But still, an email or message on the website would sure be nice.


You should be golden. If it gets to 10 days and still have not heard email


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