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I was told by Soylent customer support techs that to increase your subscription size (in my case from 2 weeks to 4 weeks) that you need simply to place another order and the system will recognize that and ship your upgraded subscription in 1-2 weeks.

I received my original order a few days ago, and have now placed an order for a new 28 days worth subscription as that will suit me better than my current 14 days. However, in chargebee I now see that there are 2 separate accounts for each subscription, rather than merging/upgrading the original.

I want to confirm that my upgrade will indeed be recognized as a reorder vs a new order and that I can safely cancel my original subscription.

I sent an email to but support seems to be much faster here.


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I would like to know the answer to this question, myself. I just received my first shipment on Friday. When I originally placed my order, back in May, I only ordered 7 bags/month, because I wanted to make sure I could stomach it. Well, I can. So, I’d like to up my subscription to 14 bags/month.

It would be nice if we could simply change our subscription on the ‘Manage’ page, rather than just cancel. Anyway, is there an easy way for me to change my subscription?



I think for now you have to cancel & resubscribe, or add a second subscription.

The real drag to me about adding an additional subscription is, you end up paying a bit more than you really should. We now have a 28-bag subscription and a 7-bag subscription, and the 7-bag is of course at a higher price per unit than the 28. I really wish we could just specify the number of bags we want, but I suppose that’s somewhat of a logistical problem for mass distribution.


I haven’t received my 7 bags/month subscriptions as of yet but I wonder this as well. I e-mailed support about this question and they said it wouldn’t be a problem for me to go from 7 to 28 bags a month. They didn’t specify exactly how this is done since the manage page doesn’t allow you to make this sort of change. Part of my concern was whether upping to 28 would bump me back to waiting months for Soylent all over again (that’s once I receive my first order from July 17). Their response to that question was that it would follow through as a reorder but it does concern me. And like Vanclute said, we’d end up paying for new customer/non-subscription pricing rather than reorder pricing. That would make the 28/month order $300 instead of $255.

I understand that there are logistics concerns but changing subscription amount should be straightforward while retaining reorder discounts.


It’s my understanding that 300 dollars is the one time order and 255 is the subscription amount for everybody regardless of new or reorder, not a discount.

What Vanculte was sayings is that upgrading should prorate the current amount you’re paying so you only pay the difference to get up to the next level. I.E. if I paid 130 for 14 days, than I should only have to pay 125 for the first upgrade to 28 days. Instead we are paying the additional 130 on top of the 125 dollar difference.


Manage page probably should have “upgrade” features.


YES, upgrade features, and also a reduce option. And it would be great to see a 21 day option.

Side note, the Soylent website still has 1.0 in the FAQ section. And the downloadable nutrients pdf is also for 1.0. You’d think that would have been updated by now.


It appears that our question has been answered today in this thread: