Replies to Emails?


I have sent a question via email about 5 weeks ago with no response. I tried again a few weeks ago, and before that I actually sent the question in their website form. No response in my spam folder. What do I have to do to ask a simple question? I would like to know what “artificial flavor” means and how much of it, and how much compared to Soylent 1.1 I asked the question about 1.2 but now that 1.3 is out, I guess I’m asking about that one.

Any advice on how to get my answer or is this response time normal


It’d be best if a proper ticket system was used, it’d avoid the “lost mail” issues.


?? Is that the first thing I did? I used the form on the website. I did that around 8 weeks ago.


I’m pretty sure it just means sucralose and/vanillin. Sucralose was reduced from 60mg to 30mg in 1.1 and has remained at that level since. The amount of vanillin is rather small, but I don’t know the exact amount. But it’s supposed to be healthier than natural vanilla, so if you feel safe eating vanilla ice cream, you can feel safe with Soylent.


Hi, thanks, but the reason I emailed is because I was fairly sure that people on the forums wouldn’t know the answer. I suspected it meant vanillin but I would like to know how the amounts have changed over the different versions.

Would it helped if I tagged @Soylent


Yes. Sorry, I meant to do that in my last post. But you’d be surprised at the knowledge levels in the forums. They’ve posted pretty detailed lists of ingredients and I’m rather confident that the amount of vanillin is in one of them. I can try looking for it later. As to the amount it changed, the vanillin has not been reported to change since 1.0


Ahh okay thank you let me know if you find it.

I thought it hadn’t been reported to change, but I was wondering if maybe they thought it was a small change or insignificant to consumers and therefore didn’t report it. Plus, I would like to know the amount even if it hasn’t changed.


Anything that is expected to affect the taste is reported. They announced the sucralose change, so they most likely would have announced a change in vanillin (and it would definitely have been noticed).


Thanks for your opinion but there’s simply no way to know for sure without asking.


I checked out Soylent’s posting history; looks like they were on Christmas vacation. Hopefully they can get to this thread!