Reporter looking for people who love Soylent


Hi! I’m a reporter for Yahoo Finance and I just tried Soylent for a week. Now I’m looking for people who love Soylent or swear by it. Are you food-neutral? Do you think Soylent is the future? I’d love to hear from you. Please email me at



paging @vanclute

He is the honorary mascot… id check with him first. he has youtube videos also.


Seconded, @vanclute is one of the best people to ask!


Hi Nicole,

Welcome. You may be surprised to find that we are already aware of you. We hope you join the community and share your experiences as well.



Terrifying and reassuring!


Hey Nicole - are you looking for people who already have their Soylent, or are you including people who love the concept/idea but still haven’t gotten in their order?


I’d love to hear about why you’re excited about it. Email me!


How about those of us on a DIY version? Interested in our thoughts?


Yes absolutely. I find it weird that no one who’s written about Soylent has actually reached out to the community-- and though I admit that I didn’t exactly use it as intended (I went 100% Soylent for 5 days and I realize most people use it 50-90% of the time) I really do want to depict what Soylent is like accurately. I’d love to hear from all of you-- tell me: what you like about it, what you don’t like, why you chose to drink Soylent, what you think the media is getting wrong, what you want people to know, etc.


Giving a voice to both sides! I look forward to your article!


@NicoleGoodkind One person has written and also reached out to the community- it’s @Lee_Ars from Ars Technica.


I seen a few other reporters reaching out to the community before, but we have a very live forum/community here where I am sure everyone will gladly come with their input about what they have to say about soylent :frowning:

(don’t worry about stalkers, regarding us being aware of you , we have a list of recent articles about soylent)

I will almost promis you that you will get more detailed and or varied results if you allow us to answere any question you have here on the forums, and then people could also choose to email you answeres directly? :slight_smile: our forums are also full of personal experiences with soylent and im sure most people consider the content fair use


Heh I skimmed over your blog a little and noticed your own experience wasn’t a pleasure :slight_smile: sad to hear that, consistency and taste? I will say that you could basicly choose to add more water and even blend some good tasting stuff in, like fruit or chocolate if you wanted… Soylent is made to be “neutral” for that reason, so you can change it to your desire if you please.

I am a guy from europe, still waiting for my chance to get my own :confused:


I’ve enjoyed my DIY experience. I’m not cool enough to have the real stuff. (email sent)


We’ve been following @NicoleGoodkind’s Soylenting over here at the Ars Orbital HQ and I’d love to read her wrap-up :smile:


Not to hijack the thread, but that article was really good @Lee_Ars - thanks for the new “OK Aunt Brunhilda, you wanted to know what those ‘protein shakes’ I’ve been drinking are? read this” link I can send.


Holy cow, I take one measly day off and all hell breaks loose. LOL

I would be happy to speak about my Soylent use, clearly I’m a raving fan. I wrote back to another reporter today who contacted me via email as well, though not from Yahoo. Feel free to send me a PM if you would like, or email me at to discuss further! :slight_smile: